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100: Anatomy of Espionage

100: Anatomy of Espionage

LENGTH: 1 day

"It is the human factor that makes an espionage service successful, not its high-tech bells and whistles."  --Markus Wolf, former East German spy master

During this one day course, CI, security, and HR professionals will study the underpinnings of espionage operations.

Regardless of which country's intelligence service conducts espionage, there are five basic elements:

  1. Contact/Communication
  2. Collection
  3. Motive/Reward
  4. Foreign Travel
  5. Tradecraft

We will discuss myriad ways espionage investigations begin, which will be robust with case illustrations spanning the last 50+ years of penetrations of the US intelligence community, military, and US Government.

Inherent in every espionage investigation are the complexities and decision making processes of that particular penetration, which stem from personal, personnel, legal, and investigative concerns and requirements.

We discuss current trends such as the use of computers not only to make contact with FIS, but also as an instrument of the crime, and insights on dual loyalty issues.

An understanding of the mindset of the spy is presented from an investigator's position, that is, what does it mean during various CI techniques to include the all important interview with the suspect.

Discussions are rich with many case examples to reinforce operational and investigative concepts and techniques, as well as to stimulate discussion and further individual research after leaving the session.

Ultimately, everyone attending this course will be better prepared to recognize anomalies that might indicate the presence of espionage and assist in the neutralization process.



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Read what attendees say about this course:



· Excellent speaker, excellent presentation. (23 years government service)

· Very informative and interesting. Very good job! (4)

· Excellent. This should be used in the TIP classes instead of what is presented there. (13)

· Very beneficial with great instruction. Connie was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. A great and informative course. (1)

· Superb course! I was fascinated with how the CI world operates and how the investigative portion filters out the spies within our country and government. (11)

· Very informative and great instruction. (25)

· This is an excellent course. (24)

· Very informative—covered cases that I was not aware of. (5)

· Very interesting and informative. (37)

· I give the class a 10 out of a 10. (10)

· Very informative. (14)

· Really enjoyed the whole class. (24)

· This was a very informative briefing. I learned a lot. (6)

· Very informative. Instructor has a wealth of knowledge and it is evident her years of experience. Tons and tons and tons of information. More than I ever knew. (6)

· Very good; especially the more comprehensive case examples. (1)

· Well presented and interesting to both the seasoned CI and personnel with limited background. (33)

· Great, very informative. Can't wait for the next one. This is my second course and I hope the CI Centre comes back to teach additional courses. (no data)

· Excellent overview for CI professionals. (20)

· Outstanding course; wealth of information. (14)

· Good information; makes you think about insider threat and how real and vulnerable we are. (5)

· Excellent. Best course on this subject that I have encountered. (28)

· This was a valuable course. It provided good insight about spies and the purpose of CI. (15)

· Excellent course with tons of information. Wish it were a longer presentation. (33)

· Informative. (3 years government service)

· I feel the course was very informative and I learned a lot. (35)

· Outstanding course. Would recommend to others. (12)

· Very informative presentation. (no data)

· Excellent. (30)

· Great information, well put together, flowed nicely, covered many aspects of espionage. (6)

· Excellent. (11)

· Excellent. Well worth the time spent. (27)

· Outstanding. (22)

· Excellent! (18)

· Good refresher on CI and past cases. (35)

· Instructor is extremely knowledgeable with a plethora of facts and presents info in an entertaining and energetic fashion; keeps audience involved throughout the day. (33)



· This course has increased my awareness of the threat in my working area. Also to be more observant in lifestyle changes of employee personnel. (37 years govt service)

· Very insightful. Helped to look at adjudication in a new light. Shed much light on a previously unknown aspect of terrorism. (1)

· I was already somewhat familiar with CI but this course taught me much more than I originally knew about CI. (25)

· I now know some key indicators to look for among co-workers. This course reinforces security education and awareness training. (24)

· Makes me more vigilant. (23)

· Forces me to be more attentive to my surroundings. (14)

· A lot of impact. Things to look for when doing my job. (6)

· Training has me thinking outside the box. Gave insight how espionage impacts personnel security and why I do what I do. Also helps me observe how/why others try to demolish the US. (6)

· I have seen small bits of many of the class presented. However, putting them all together was shocking. So many cases taking place throughout the military and government at one time. Very much enjoyed the presentation. (33)

· Helps me understand the differences between criminal investigations and CI investigations, which is very useful. (no data)

· Reinforced many of the fundamentals for CI investigative issues. (20)

· Definite eye-opener to the various risks. (14)

· The best thing is that it makes you think!! It also makes you (as a security officer) how important it is to be current in looking at other capabilities. What other trends are being used, tradecraft. (18)

· Provided critical elements of espionage. (33)

· Can help during adjudicative process. (3)

· The training has made me think deeper into the reasons individuals commit espionage. (25)

· I now see espionage in a different light, especially seeing espionage as ‘work place violence.' (12)

· Reinforcement of CI/CE fundamentals with case study validation.

· Enormous impact. (30)

· More out of box thinking/broad thinking. (11)

· Reinforced need for abstract approaches to looking for "unsubs”. (27)

· Broadened my entire knowledge in this area. (22)

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