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105: The John Walker Case: Implications and Lessons Learned for Today’s Challenges

 105: The John Walker Case: Implications and Lessons Learned for Today’s Challenges

LENGTH: 1 day

John Walker, along with his best friend Jerry Whitworth, his brother Arthur, and his son Michael were all arrested for espionage in May 1985. He and eventually his network had spied for the KGB since December 1967.

CI Centre Professor KGB Major General Oleg Kalugin supervised this case for the Soviet KGB when it began and when it ended.

John Walker was brought to CI Centre Professor David Major's office in the Baltimore Office of the FBI where he was the CI Supervisor and Program Manager.

Starting with the Lipka espionage case in 1967, the story between these 18 years will be explored as never before.

Answers to such questions as:

  • How was the case handled by the KGB?
  • How important was the case to the Soviets?
  • How could it last for so long?
  • Who were John Walker and members of his ring?
  • What were they really like?
  • What are the untold stories about how this extraordinary espionage case was uncovered?
  • What was the damage to US national security that resulted from this profoundly important case?
  • What impact did it have on the Vietnam War?

The arrest of the Walker espionage ring resonated within the National Security Community and in the White House. It led directly to the appointment of David Major as the first Director of Counterintelligence on the National Security Council staff.

The end result was a series of presidential policy decisions to break the back of Soviet/Russian intelligence in the United States that had a positive impact on mitigating some of the damage done by the Robert P. Hanssen espionage case.

The lessons of these events and their legacy for today's counterintelligence issues will be discussed in this intensive course.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


What did you learn in this course that will help you in your career and profession?

"This course provided insight into the framework of Walker's case. Lessons learned will help me to be a better investigator and more effective in my job as a Special Agent.”

"I will apply information learned from this class to enhance my skills as a CI investigator.”

"Develop more awareness or gain more knowledge of CI awareness.”

"Tip-offs to suspicious behavior that may indicate espionage.”

"Intel Community has the greatest need for education and historical analysis as the best predictor of future behavior/national success.”

"That damage can be caused by individuals no matter their ‘level' in the workforce.”

"Details about Walker case and implications.”

"Enhance mentorship—encourage younger employees to take this and similar courses to understand the importance of what we do and the impact of those that have come before us.”

"To never discard the past/history, no matter how long ago; because in order to have a better understanding/analysis of the present or future time problem we must do so by studying pretty well that past.”

"Historical perspective on events that occurred when I was very young. These courses provide context to the way the USG operates today.”

"The need to be responsible for security. Also be observant and conscience of others and their actions.”

"I now have a better understanding of why people become spies and the web they weave around them that may involve friends and family.”

"Value of information learned in this course applies to other factors. Personal information—travel, spending, behavior patterns.”


What will you do differently as a result of this knowledge?

"Continue to educate myself on case history and past/present world events.”

"Take my time before concluding or giving out abrupt opinion. This time I would make sure to research the history of the problem at hand.”

"Be more observant of surroundings. Be more aware of what people are asking for and whether they require it.”


What did you like best about this course and why?

"It was a comprehensive look at the Walker case. All the other HUMINT classes I've taken only touch on what happened.”

"I am impressed and intrigued by David Major and Oleg's career history and knowledge.”

"I love how the US and KGB present both their sides and see them merge together. I love these classes- wish there were more offered. You're the best briefing team I've seen.”

"Gets the history out there makes those unknowledgeable about world events and how they affect us in the intel community.”

"The whole story is just really interesting. It's important for newer people to learn the history of the IC.”

"I like the connection to Lipka that was made.”

"Very informational. It's a topic that I had no knowledge of. The instructors are great presenters. It's great that they actually worked the cases and were present in the midst of it all. The class was better than I expected. I would definitely attend other offered courses and recommend it to others. I especially like the dual aspect/perspective that Gen. Oleg provides from his side of being inside KGB.”

"Excellent review and statement of the events of the case.”

"It was interesting to hear the rest of the story. I think this is a subject everyone should know.”

"David Major—he is a master of CI.”

"I liked the first-hand experience of the instructors, very informative presentation of spies and how they got caught."

"Presentation was terrific and engaging. Great job in explaining what happened behind the scenes and how those events had a significant impact on our nation's security. Well done!”

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