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113: Technological Espionage Wars

113: Technological Espionage Wars

LENGTH: 1 day


These are only a few of some of the most sensitive, inventive and sometimes dramatic codenames in the technological espionage wars.

From sewers, buildings, bridges, basements, tunnels and railways to the very depth of the ocean floor, around the world and in space, technical collections espionage operations have been implemented with amazing secrecy and bravado.

The battles were waged out of the sight and sound of the public.

The KGB, CIA, NSA, NRO, NASA, FBI and the US Navy have conducted some of the most successful, productive and imaginative technical intelligence collections conceived.

The development, deployment, productivity and subsequent compromise of some of these highly classified projects represented some of the most daring unknown battles in the espionage wars.

The details of these operations and how they were compromised will be revealed in this session.

Known and sometimes unknown espionage agents operating for or against the West such as Edward Howard, Robert Hanssen, William Weisband, Glen Souther, William Kampiles, Ron Pelton, Rick Ames, George Blake, Adolf Tolkachev and Victor Sheymov all played a significant role in this unseen and largely unknown espionage war.

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"Good info for future SAEDA briefs, good exploration of how HUMINT, IMINT, and SIGINT work together. I enjoyed the info on our technology the WS tech world produced—how the tech products were utilized in our Intel community.”

"Excellent—good reference material as well.”

"Outstanding history class—also helped me better understand the nature of CI and how to be a better agent.”

"Excellent presentation. I believe that it is vital information & very interesting.”

"I have worked Intel for about 24 years, now the gaps have been filled. Great class.”

"Excellent presentation, kept you aware. Very knowledgeable on his presentation.”

"Great job!!!”

"Outstanding presentation.”

"Excellent detail on the particular cases and operations. I learned a lot.”

"Extremely knowledgeable, eminently well-informed and experienced.”

"If you want to make quality decisions, you need quality info. This was top drawer.”

"Very engaging speaker—the time seemed to fly.”

"Outstanding training ever attended.”

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