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159: An Introduction to Cuban Intelligence and Counterintelligence Methodologies

159: An Introduction to Cuban Intelligence and Counterintelligence Methodologies

LENGTH: 1-2 days

This one-day, introductory course focuses on one of the most effective and least known of the Communist intelligence organizations: the Cuban Directorate of Intelligence (DI) of the Ministry of Interior.

We will discuss the formation, development/evolution and current state of the intelligence gathering organizations that exist in Communist Cuba.

The course will cover the qualifications, selection process, and training of Cuban intelligence officers and their subsequent modus operandi, tradecraft, and targeting efforts. Cuba's main intelligence target has been America since 1959 when Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba.

Multiple espionage case studies enrich the students' understanding of Cuba's successful, and oftentimes, long-term penetration of US government, intelligence, and military organizations.

The course begins with an overview of the history of Cuba. Of particular concern is Cuba's relationship with America, including the development, around the mid-20th Century, of strong anti-American sentiments among certain sections of the population, which was the foundation for the triumph and consolidation of Fidel Castro's communist revolution.

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What did you learn in this course that will help you in your career and profession?

"Information on inner workings of Cuban Intel. Didn't know before."

"Provided me with pertinent CI information that will assist me to expand, develop, and enhance my CI knowledge, skills and abilities."

"Always be careful when associating with foreign nationals, especially in foreign countries."

"This will help extremely in my career especially when relating to people of Cuban descent or ones who have traveled to Cuba and how Cuba relates to the world in general."

"Good look at the Cuban mindset and it will help when looking individuals of interest."

"Useful perspective from someone formerly on the other side."

"Very insightful information provided during this presentation."

"Better understanding of Cuban operations. Great course!"

"Greatly increased my understanding of the Cuban intelligence threat."

"Will greatly improve my ability to target Cuban intelligence."

"Better defines the Cuban involvement in intelligence operations and the ongoing threat from the DI." "The information on illegal operations is extremely useful for future CI activities."

"Deeply impacted methodology used by subject country."

"Better understanding of Cuban intelligence."

"More aware of the strengths and weaknesses of Cuba's intelligence services."

"The course provided a good foundation for information about Cuban intelligence."

"Excellent. The course provided a good background on the DI/DGI. It also provided a good sense of where their targets are.

"Excellent. A good overview of how Cubans operate and what they're interested in."

"Very informative! It's nice to listen to someone who had first hand experience."

"Instructors gave a great inside look at the intelligence gathering tactics in Cuba."

"I have a better understanding of Cuban Intelligence."

"Very interesting. There is no better way to learn about Cuban Intelligence than by a Cuban Intelligence Officer."

"Good information on FIS I didn't know much about."

"Useful introduction into Cuban Intelligence and how they target us."

"Helpful in understanding how Cubans can affect USG work."

"Want to read more on the subject."

"It gave me a different way to think about things."


What will you do differently as a result of this knowledge?

"Focus on the particular areas with questioning."

"Information gained will help me to better understand Cuban CI tradecraft and Cuban CI methodologies."

"Limit the amount of information I give to people I don't know."

"Use examples of real life cases in my briefings."


What did you like best about this course and why?


"Personal insight the speakers provided."

"Hearing 1st hand knowledge of how Cuban CI officers operate, i.e. selection process, training of Cuban IOs, etc., as well as learning about the history and background of Cuban Intelligence and how their CI operations work."

"Entire course was excellent and no part was better than another."


Evaluation of Subject Material

"I think the course was a very good overall look at the Cuban DI and surrounding CI issues and concerns."

"Very good information provided to give a basic thorough overview of Cuban intelligence."

"Very good information as a basic introduction to Cuban intelligence. First hand knowledge by guest speaker is excellent!"

"Excellent—fills a need. This is the only course I've found on Cuban intelligence."

"Subject matter is pertinent to my field."

"Very useful."


"Excellent presentation."

"Excellent introduction course to Cuban intelligence services."

"Excellent on all accounts."

"I can't wait to come back to the CI Centre for more courses! Thank you!!" (23 yrs)

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