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163: Dying to Kill Us: Understanding the Mindset of Suicide Operations

163: Dying to Kill Us: Understanding the Mindset of Suicide Operations

LENGTH: 1 day

Modern-day suicide bombers who strike fear into the heart of Western societies and warfighters are a recent phenomenon which broke on the national stage in the early 1980s.This type of terrorist attack has continually morphed into more sophisticated martyr bombings and operations.

This seminar explores the evolution of the tactics of terror from the first child martyrs of the Iran-Iraq war to the suicide bombings and suicide operations experienced on 9/11 and in Mumbai in November 2008.

The seminar explores the questions and answers to:What are the common characteristics found among suicide bombers; and Why would anyone chose to end their life in such a violent and destructive way?

The ideology behind these operations is explored along with why the West calls these "Suicide Operations” and the terrorist call them "Martyr Operations” that assure the bombers' salvation.

The psychological drivers behind both men and women suicide operations are explored to identify the similarities and differences.

The course ends with a detailed discussion of the Mumbai Suicide Operation, exploring the new tactics employed, the ideology behind the attacks, and why, based on the terrorists' own words, this attack has to be viewed as the "movie trailer” to be followed by bigger and more deadly attacks in the West in the future.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


Very informative. (41 years of government service)

A lot of info and very interesting. (22)

GREAT!!! (30)

Great overview of terrorist mindset. I learned a lot from this course. It should continue to be offered. (6)

Excellent class covering the background to today's terrorist tactic of suicide bombing. (30)

Excellent. (32)

Comprehensively and honestly done. A good presentation of the reality of the subject matter. (8)

A ton of information. (4)

The seminar provided a better insight to the history of suicide bombing and why people choose to commit such acts. (3)

Relevant, interesting. (5)

Excellent. (6)

The information on the subject was very good and informative. Instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable on this subject. (21)

A very deep course. (4)

Excellent subject matter and extremely relevant to our jobs. The history of suicide bombers is complex and we as Americans in the Intelligence Community need to know more and understand the root of the terrorists anger toward Israel and the West. (3)

Excellent. Very informative, having not taken any other courses on this. (3)

Great course. Very eye-opening. (29 years)

Great course—a lot of info. (42 years)

Excellent, presented very well and understandable. (2 years)

Very interesting. A lot more in-depth than I anticipated. A lot to take in. (2 years)

Great course! (8 months)

Excellent. Learned a lot. (1 year)

Excellent—everyone needs to hear this! (4 years)

Excellent. (23 years)

Great. (28 years)

Excellent. (5 years)

Great course. Need more like it. (11 years)

Exceptional!! (30 years)

Outstanding. (15 years)

Course was very informative and presented in a very engaging and intellectual manner. (1 year)

The course is a good course and you learn a lot of the terror tactics of the modern day terrorist. (24 years)

Excellent. A lot of relevant info on combating our enemy today. (6 years)

Thought course was good. Provided good understanding of the ideology of suicide bombers and their families. (2 years)

The course was very eye-opening. It become apparent very quickly how much we do not know, even in the military, about our target. (11 years)

This course was excellent. It really opened my eyes, and informed of how much terrorism there is. All the different groups domestic and international. (6 years)

This course has been excellent. It has opened my mind up on how, why, and where things started from. (20 years)

Wonderful. Great presentation. I knew some of the material already, but still learned a lot. (7 years)

Good, interesting—especially the Mumbai case study. (1 year)

Good course and I hope to take more. (2 years)

Outstanding course! Wish there was more time. (15 years)



A lot. Our office deals with sending individuals to the war zones. (41)

We need to keep on top of this at all times! (22)

Huge impact. (30)

The differences between Sunni and Shia. (6)

My understanding of CI continues to grow as I continue to take these various courses. (32)

An important increase in knowledge. (8)

New viewpoints acquired. (6)

I gained a better understanding of the mindset behind martyrs. (4)

Applies very much to my job as a CI investigator and made me more aware of ideology behind acts of suicide bombers. (3)

Validates the growing, real threat. (5)

Some of the historical information was a great refresher; the progression of suicide bombing attacks as well. (6)

The difference between a suicide bomber and a martyr. They do this for different reasons. How do we keep ourselves safe and protect ourselves? (21)

I have a better understanding of the Islamic mind. (4)

Helped to understand mindset. (3)

Interests me in attending other courses on this issue. (3)

Good review of Roots of Conflict course, (7)

Very good. (26)

I will make more of an effort to learn about our targets and their beliefs. (29)

A lot to think about. (42)

Has opened my mind on how to identify and discuss our enemy with others. (2)

It is so important to have classes like this. We mitigate risk on a daily basis and it is important to have knowledge and information regarding the individuals/cultures we evaluate. (5)

I will do more research on the enemy (enemies), their history and their laws. (5)

Reality check. Important to job. (5)

Helped me to understand a lot about terrorist activities. (8 mo)

Definitely increased my awareness of this threat. (4)

Given me the freedom to define our enemy! (23)

Great. Presented in a way that has helped me better understand how we got where we are today. (19)

Great impact. (15)

Showed me how little I know, or thought I knew and how I need to go home and so some serious reading/research. (1)

It just made me become more aware and have a better understanding of why terrorists do what they do. (24)

Thinking on ways to protect our organization. (6)

Raises awareness of warning signs, behaviors, and what I need to learn. (3)

I feel this training was unknowingly very critical to my growth as a component of the IC. (11)

Expanded my perspective. (30)

One of those classes I leave each time I take realizing we are still the target and the terrorists are patient people. (30)

To really look and think how a terrorist thinks so it helps you to try and combat them. (6)

It has greatly impacted my thinking. (20)

I now have a list of books to read for furthering my education on terrorism. (7)

Good motivator for why our jobs are so important. (1)

I really learned a lot. (1)

Taught me many new concepts and information inspired me to learn more. (15)


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