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170: Economic Espionage and Theft of Technology

170: Economic Espionage and Theft of Technology

LENGTH: 1-2 days

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the threat posed by economic espionage.

The course:

  • Examines and defines many of the terms applicable to economic espionage
  • Reviews many of the significant cases
  • Focuses on economic collection by both adversaries and allies
  • Discusses the threat from the trusted insider
  • Addresses the penetration of government agencies.

The course presents an overview of the Economic Espionage Law of 1996 and examines the scope of our national losses resulting from economic-industrial spies.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


What did you learn in this course that will help you in your career and profession?

"I learned new examples of economic espionage, which are always amazing.”

"Should always be aware of the fact that there are always people who will try to get information and they are not easily identifiable…..could be anyone.”

"Continue overall awareness of the value of our knowledge to others.”

"Be aware of who you are dealing with.”

"It will increase my vigilance in protecting company information, hopefully resulting in no inadvertent release of information.”

"More awareness of everyday security breach opportunities.”

"It's ongoing with no end in sight.”

"To be observant of my surroundings and unusual activities.”

"It was a good refresher to make me sensitized to the whole security issue.”

"This course helped create a lot more awareness on how travel plays a role in economicespionage.”

"Current CI on China.”

"That I should be careful with who I talk to and what I say.”

"Increased awareness of potential for economic espionage.”

"Anyone can be the trusted insider.”

"Outsourcing passports to foreign countries.”

"Understanding some economic espionage.”

"Lots of information.”

"What the dangers are, who to ‘trust,' how to question situations, how to question people.”

"Be mindful of all unknown people. Worrisome—the magnitude of the information leaked.”

"Trust can be exploited. Business is scarier than I thought. You cannot be too vigilant.”

"I travel a lot and how I know what to look for.”


What will you do differently as a result of this knowledge?

"I take theses classes annually to remind myself of the importance of tight security.”

"Always be aware of what's going on at work as well as in my personal life.”

"Continue to pay lose attention to my surroundings.”

"Increase awareness.”

"More aware of the paperwork I leave on my desk.”

"Continue to monitor travel patterns and watch open source information when possible.”

"Be more vigilant.”

"Use my computer less.”

"Make sure proprietary information remains in hands of ‘need to know' only.”

"Eyes open and mouth shut.”

"Will be more vigilant and careful.”

"Highlighted awareness of security issues/vulnerabilities.”

"Be more careful.”

”Probably take a different approach to look at outsourcing and its potential impact.”

"Watch for unusual requests.”

"Be more conscious of innocuous survey/information requests.'

"Always be on alert.”

"Be well aware.”

"Be more circumspect when dealing with new people. Question chain of custody on vendor transactions. Not be complacent with emails and phone calls.”

"Be more cautious about talking to other people when you feel you don't know who you might be dealing with.”

"Watch what I do and say in my travels.”


What did you like best about this course and why?

"This is a fascinating topic and really opens your eyes on what is going on in not only the world but on our front door.”

"Excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable and intelligent, easy to follow and understand.”

"Very good presentation with additional information.”

"Subject matter was fascinating.”

"Examples and history reinforce the instructor's points.”

"Variety of lecture, PowerPoint, and videos.”

"Reminder that we are not only vulnerable but a likely target for collection efforts.”

"I learned things that all Americans should know.”

"The information and the videos were great. I loved seeing the video when the guys got caught. The course was very informative and Connie did a great job explaining the information.”

"I didn't realize so much stealing was going on.”

"I liked the different examples presented about actual espionage.”

"Current info. Give and take style of instructor.”

"Everything was interesting.”

"It was paced great and entertaining.”

"Stories about espionage.”

"Always an interesting topic for discussion.”

"The details on past cases and how they were cracked by US agencies.”

"Good examples.”

"Examples and quote.”


"The presenter. She is ‘real time' in her field. The presentation materials: timely, relevant.”

"Eye opening.”

"Reality of information.”

"Very good instructor.”

"The instructor's insight.”

"It's amazing the efforts put forth to acquire technologies and how easily they can be obtained. This course is a real eye-opener. I will be more mindful of the things I saw and do, as well as being more observant of other activities."

"Course is very important in the DOD world. Economic espionage affects our mission. This information is truly vital in the acquisition of new equipment."

"Timely, relevant and very interesting."

"The course is very informative. This course should be mandatory. I plan to make an effort to be aware of my actions that may aid adversaries. I am also going to pay attention to other suspicious activities occurring around my work environment."

"Excellent, well-researched presentation."

"Helps you understand how espionage can affect not just your professional life, but also could affect your personal life down the road."

"This course reawakened my awareness so that I can be more diligent in this area."

"I was very surprised what countries and how many target the US economy."

"As a result of this course, I will apply the information to security plans, practices and procedures."

"This course made me aware of external threats to the US and its companies."

"This course makes me think and reinforces the need for ongoing diligence at all levels and areas. It allows me to step back from my daily tasks and reminds me that each of us bear responsibility for information security and we must be on constant guard."


"Gave a good insight of acquisition security. I would adamantly recommend this course to security and non-security professionals."

"Great program. A lot of useful information and ideas."

"Good course. Provides a reminder of the security aspects that we forget."

"Important for new employees as well as old."

"Course needs to be treated as an annual training requirement. Instructor is professional beyond compare!"

"Great course with valuable information."

"Every government employee and contractor should be required to take this class. It is is relevant to our jobs to practice good CI no matter our position. The content was extremely informative."

"I would highly recommend this course."

"Learned a lot concerning the economic espionage arena."

"Very effective for raising awareness of vulnerabilities during acquisition."

"Very good course--increase awareness! All employees should take this course."

"Excellent information! Excellent presentation! This course should be mandatory."

"Gripping material. Much to think about based on info presented."

"This class helped to raise my awareness of CI."

"Gave new insights to espionage in our country."

"The material presented was very interesting and made me aware of problems that I had never thought of before."

"Course content was excellent and relevant to all we do."

"Important to hear the many ways our security has been breached and to hear how we can prevent that."

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