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171: Preventing and Detecting the Inside Threat to Corporations

LENGTH: 2 to 6 hours

Protecting proprietary information and trade secrets are the life blood for success for today’s corporations and is an increased challenge in today's globalized and digital world.

The CI Centre has been studying and analyzing corporate intellectual property, trade secret theft and technology diversion since our establishment in 1995. We have been compiling this information in a central location to provide us empirical data to design and build strategies to protect corporate assets. We provide this information in our membership website SPYPEDIA®.

SPYPEDIA® is updated daily providing the most recent and current information on Economic Espionage and Technology Diversion (EE/TD) cases on a worldwide basis. We use this information to build the most comprehensive profile of potential inside betrayers. This seminar is provided on the corporate site for 2 to 6 hours and is much more than a threat briefing. The seminar provides the results of SPYPEDIA­® and case studies on real scenarios. It provides solid advice on what the corporation needs to do before and after an attempt or actual EE/TD case surfaces. We discuss some warning signs that could indicate that employees are spying and/or stealing secrets from their company. We use real case studies to highlight the following:

This seminar is designed for a diverse corporate audience that includes:

  • Business Executives
  • Security Professionals
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Technical Professionals
  • Proprietary Secrets Protection Experts

Contact us for more information or to schedule:

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Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) course already developed
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• Provided at your location or our training facility
• Classroom size maximum 30 students, auditorium size maximum 500
• On GSA Schedule: Already negotiated best price for government

Read what attendees say about this course:


"David Major provided an energetic, well-organized presentation that covered the trends, but then drilled down on two specific cases demonstrating the advantages to a company who proactively addresses industrial and economic espionage, vice a company who handled the concerns poorly resulting in tremendous damages.”

Doug Thomas, Head, Corporate Office of Counterintelligence Operations, Lockheed Martin; formerly, Principal Deputy Director, National Counterintelligence

"Spectacular presentation from the CI Centre! One of the participants in our audience declared, 'The best Counterintelligence presentation I've ever heard." The extensive experience and support provided by the CI Centre and Spypedia have proven invaluable to BAE Systems Land & Armaments. From serving as a featured speaker at our enterprise Security conference, to releasing accurate and timely updates for Security professionals to utilize in regular CI awareness material, the total package greatly enhances the quality of our Security program."

Jim Snodgrass, CPP Director of Security, BAE Systems Land & Armaments

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