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202: Vulnerabilities of an Intelligence Professional

202: Vulnerabilities of an Intelligence Professional

LENGTH: 2 days

The rules are different overseas. Learn how to protect yourself from being identified, targeted, recruited or manipulated by foreign intelligence/security services.

Step inside their shoes and learn how to think like them. Be aware of the techniques they use to get close to you without your knowing it.

The course includes a discussion of the missions, methods and means of CI services, and students participate in two case studies directed toward understanding how CI services deploy CI collection resources.

The students have the unique opportunity to participate in case studies, and hear firsthand from a former FBI access agent on how he was utilized to target, assess, and successfully manipulate numerous foreign intelligence officers, as well as their clandestine agents.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


What did you learn in this course that will help you in your career and profession?

"Never let down your guard while simultaneously not looking like your guard was ever up.”

"When overseas consider yourself always being a target.”

"This course has definitely raised my awareness in CI and I will use this information in practices overseas. Case studies were excellent.”

"Don't think FI will act the same way or do the same things the U.S. does.”

"I learned not to underestimate low tech, 3rd world efforts.”

"Much better understanding of surveillance and details of how the CI world thinks/ acts.”


What will you do differently as a result of this knowledge?

"A greater awareness of the local CI service and how they operate.”

"Check my computer more frequently and keep my electronic under my control.”

"I will use this knowledge to try to avoid complacency with regard to CI issues. I will try to look beyond the obvious to identify my vulnerabilities and to identify CI efforts against me.”

"Evaluate my contacts, and change my behavior patterns.”


What did you like best about this course and why?

"The interspersion of film clips with lecture. It was done very smoothly.”

"Excellent presentation from both speakers. Very professional and knowledgeable.”

"I had no idea about the lengths to which we all go in order to obtain the upper hand.”

"This was very likely the best course I've taken within the IC. The instructor was engaging; the material was fascinating; and the pace was perfect. What I learned here will stick! Thanks!”

"Connie is an excellent instructor and facilitator. She is intelligent, experienced, and an engaging CI officer.”

"It was the first time I've had a serious education on the CI threat since joining my organization. This course or something like it should be mandatory for people prior to going overseas.”

"Outstanding presentation of good facts. Very pertinent to my program and a course that more people should take.”

"I've had my eyes opened!! Things that I never gave a second thought turned out to be necessary for everyone's safety.”

"I will be more aware of my environment and those around me. The actions of others I will look at more closely.”

"This course should be included in the type of pre-travel training for ALL officers. The course reinforced influences I saw/witnessed while overseas.”

"Great course. Raised my CI awareness.”

"Very good class that really gets you thinking about all of the pitfalls that we can unwittingly face.”

"I learned the importance of vigilance.”

"I have never had a course that puts it all together like this one.”

"This course has helped me to heighten my awareness both at home and abroad.”

"Very thought-provoking/great food for thought.”

"Truly an eye-opening lecture. It has forced me to re-evaluate my sense of awareness and vigilance level. I will certainly be more aware of others and what people's motives are.”

"As a result of this course, I plan to change the way I work.”

"Excellent presentation and a ‘must' for everyone even the non-travelers.”

"This course had a huge impact on me. I will be even more aware of my surroundings here in the US and overseas.”

"As a result of this course, I will be aware of what is going on around me.”

"I came away a lot more knowledgeable. We were given the Right Stuff today.”

"Excellent instructor! As a result of this class, I learned the importance of all things great and small.”

"I have a much greater awareness of CI.”

"This course will change how I approach my work.”

"This course should be mandatory."

"Great course! Really helped me realize the importance of this. Made me want to come back for other courses."

"Great course. Provided very valuable information on how to better prepare for future trips."

"I learned how to be aware of your surroundings and not to become complacent."

"This was a really eye-opening course that was well-presented with lots of great examples. I had no idea the extraordinary lengths a CI service can go to to target officers.”

"Great course—it was definitely helpful in looking at CI in a new light!”

"This course helped me realize the very serious and real threat present today. I can't let myself be lulled away into a false sense of security.”

"This course has made me much more aware of the threats that exist both domestic and abroad that I may encounter.”

"Very good course. Learned a lot of new information.”

"This is the third class I have taken here, and like the previous two, this class is excellent. I have no complaints.”

"A good refresher for CI issues and situations faces domestically and internationally. A great review of what to look for and how to respond to CI concerns.”

"Really helped me to focus on the phrase ‘CI Everyday'. I will definitely be a much more focused and alert intel officer. Thanks!”

"Excellent course! The instructor was highly knowledgeable about the subject matter and her interactive, dynamic presentation/teaching abilities are outstanding! Of the training that I have attended, this has been by far the most interesting and thought-provoking.”

"Most helpful course I have taken! Great balance of integrating information in a user-friendly manner. Very applicable; showed that no matter who you are in the IC, CI issues apply to you and how you can be one step (or more) ahead. I plan to be more mindful of my environment, interactions and explore some of the readings on the reading list.”

"The instructor was the most engaging PowerPoint presenter I've had in a government course. The real-life examples really illustrated the dangers of government employees face in the course of their duties and I will endeavor to be more careful about OPSEC in the future.”

"Opened my eyes about how I might be targeted and the need to be moderately ‘skeptical.'”

"As a result of this course, I plan to maintain awareness and read more on topic.”

"Great course. Made me aware of all of the different resources that can be used against me to gather intel.”

"Good focus on how CI can work for us and where we've been hurt by CI. This class is important to raise awareness of vulnerabilities and consequences.”

"This class was very informative and helps to get the students to think outside of the box with what kind of tactics the adversaries would use against us.”

"Fantastic course; kept me engaged and entertained for the whole time. Will suggest other CI Centre courses to my organization.”

"Instructor displayed commanding knowledge of the subject which set this course apart from all other CI courses taken.”


"The course was very informative. This course made me realize that, in the world of CI, nothing is as it may seem. I plan to be very careful.”

"Seriously, excellent class. I've obtained critical knowledge, which I will apply. Great for CI awareness.”

"This course made me aware of the importance of situation awareness! I found the course to be well-thought out and detailed. As a result of taking this course, I will become more aware and careful, especially during my foreign travel.”

"Very informational and resourceful for those whom need to broaden what thoughts they may currently have when it comes to CI. This class should be mandatory for all those whom travel! All things discussed will be used and thought of often on my next and future travels. Thanks.”

"Great content. Fun and educational course.”

"Very useful course content. Especially useful for critical thinking.”

"This course had high impact on me! It is a real eye-opener and reminder of practicing OPSEC.”

"The course impacted my way of thinking about CI in all aspects of my daily life. It made me more aware of the "possibility” that I could be a target. Every intel community employee—regardless of position—should take this course. This definitely heightened my awareness of CI.”

"Excellent content presented in an exciting format.”

"Another excellent course. This is my third course at the CI Centre and every class I have learned new information that will help in my daily activities in CI.”

"The course serves as a good foundation for new IO's and a refresher for the experienced Intel Community. The examples/scenarios drive the points the instructors were making.”

"Should be required instruction for all CI professionals. Will greatly assist anyone in the conduct of any of the core CI disciplines. Can't wait to attend another course.”

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