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203: Vulnerabilities of Global Travel: Personnel & Information Protection

203: Vulnerabilities of Global Travel: Personnel & Information Protection

LENGTH: 2 days

In today's international market place and global national security environment, global travel is an essential and absolute requirement for the corporate, military or government employee/contractor.

US personnel whotravel internationally for personal or professional reasons, face enhanced threatrealitiesfrom foreign intelligence collectors, unscrupulous business competitors and terroristsdriven by many ideologies and objectives.

This essentialseminarprovides practical information and usable tactics to assist the global traveler.

This seminar covers pre-travel preparation planning, strategies to decreaseindividual profiles whiletraveling,plus arrival and personal conduct advice while at the travel destination(s) to enhance their personal safety.

Included in this seminar are strategies to recognize recruitment and elicitation operations, technical collection operations to assess the traveler and/or compromise their information, and/or criminal/terrorist pre-attack profile recognition.

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