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205: National Security Policy and Counterintelligence Implications of Denial and Deception Practices

205: National Security Policy and Counterintelligence Implications of Denial and Deception Practices

COURSE LENGTH: 3 or 5 days

This strategic-focused course designed for employees of the US Intelligence Community.

Its overall purpose is to introduce, in a historical context, foreign denial and deception (D&D) operations that have had significant influence and impact on US national security policy formulation, and our ability to identify, assess and counter foreign D&D activities.

Our primary goal is to enhance counter-denial and deception effectiveness throughout the US Intelligence Community by accomplishing the following objectives:

1) increasing student knowledge of the subject,

2) sensitizing them to the deleterious effects of successful foreign D&D attacks on US national policymaking targets, and

3) creating a great appreciation of other countries D&D strengths, practices and capabilities.

The Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies (CI Centre) instructor team will accomplish these objectives through the use of historical examples, case studies, audio-visual and computer generated aids, and the sharing of personal "first-hand" experiences of foreign D&D subject matter experts and operational practitioners.

The knowledge provided by these means will be further reinforced by instructor-led discussions following each key instructional block.

In order to provide meaningful context and analytic baseline to the course curriculum, CI Centre instructors will describe and regularly refer to the US national security decision-making process and how strategic information and intelligence is received, evaluated, disseminated and integrated by the President, his policymakers, the National Security Council and its staff.

As a counterpoint to this decision-making model, the course will juxtapose an array of foreign D&D techniques, methods, and planning processes used to implement and execute D&D operations against the US.

In this regard, the course will address a number of D&D approaches to include agents of influence, covert funding, control of media, forgeries, double agents and manipulation of mass organizations.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


What did you learn in this course that will help you in your career and profession?

"To always think outside the box and question things.”

"The information provided in this course was different than many other courses. I learned a lot more history than I probably did in college.”

"The connection between different cases and all the strings that are attached with them. The ‘behind the scenes' actions that affect U.S. history as well as current events.”

"That denial and deception is more prevalent than I would have imagined.”

"Having a better understanding of the NSC and the process for getting information to decision makers will be helpful.”

"I learned a better way to interview people. I realize it's important to ask what they believe and what their opinions are.”

"I learned to think beyond the surface of what you hear in the media or press.”

"The extent that public opinion can be influenced by deception generated by adversaries.”

"The lengths that adversarial sources will go in order to protect valuable sources.”

"Always consider other possible agendas, look for linkages, reinforces value of need to know, better understand methodology for manipulation, better understand reasoning behind delays in using actionable information.”


What will you do differently as a result of this knowledge?

"I feel that I will be able to view my profession, agency, mission, and my elders with more sympathy and respect for the events they went through.”

"Take a look at the larger picture for diverse situations.”

"Take advantage of additional CI training; read more books about ‘our business'; compare current denial and deception operations with historical examples.”

"Be more aware of, and alert to, possible active measures employed by adversaries.”


Additional Comments:

"Recommend for any CI professional. Superior to all other government classes I've attended.”

"This is the best, most interesting, engaging and useful training I have had in my 13 year career in the Intelligence Community. I cannot speak highly enough about the CI Centre, the curriculum and the faculty.”

"The experiences brought by instructors are most beneficial because cannot be exposed to this in any other manner.”

"Excellent course for both CI and intelligence professionals, to include OPSEC practitioners.”

"Tough subject to teach and you all pulled it off. I walk away with far greater knowledge than before.”

"This course has surely raised the knowledge of D&D in the CI world.”

"An absolutely outstanding course. One of the best courses I have attended during the past 19 years. Flawless presentations given by experts who have the wherewithal to tell it like it is. Information presented is of extreme importance to the training and career/operational enhancement of a CI professional's career. An extremely valuable, dynamic course which I will recommend to my colleagues.”

"This class has truly given me a different way of looking at the world.”

"One of the best courses I've attended in 28 years of government service.”

"I continue to be highly impressed with the courses taught by the CI Centre staff. The lectures are always pertinent and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely be able to use the information from this course on the job. This course did a great job tying in the overall objectives to each lecture. Unlike many other classes I've taken, this class is not merely a series of briefings lumped together as a course. The books provided in these classes are also very beneficial for further research.”

"Incredible. A must-take for the I.C.”

"This is my second course here. I have taken several courses both government and private sectors courses in the CI field. You guys get it right! The other ‘school houses' should take lessons.”

"If you can sit through CI Centre presentations and not get excited about your work, than you're in the wrong business!”

"I found this course very helpful in understanding the issue of counterintelligence and operations that have taken place. I had previously been unaware of such practices and I feel that this background was fundamental to me in the beginning of my career.”

"This course reinforced and reminded me of critical thought lessons I learned in grad school. Learned that my base of CI history knowledge is shallow and that military, and likely, national agencies, do not teach history, theory and case study enough. Helps me as I move from field-level case work to CI program management and leadership. I'll recommend this course and plan to attend others.”

"All instructors were great. They knew the material and explained it well. Excellent course and I will recommend it to others. I also hope to return to see other courses.”

"This course thoroughly exceeded all expectations I had. Very informative and kept my constant attention. I will encourage all of my CI peers to attend this course!”

"Excellent material and presentations. Very nice facility. Great support staff. This is my second CI Centre course and I have been impressed throughout. Excellent team teaching!”

"I have taken many courses throughout my intelligence career, but I have never heard an instructor with the knowledge of David Major. His knowledge is incredible and has passed on information that will help me in my current job. Outstanding course!”

"Wonderful course! The depth of knowledge of your staff is truly amazing.”

"Excellent course! Jam-packed with information. Re-motivator for CI agents. Thank you.”

"Very good course. It showed me to what great lengths other intelligence services will go to, to direct the US to remain neutral or take another position. I will recommend this class to other agents!”

"The course content is extremely interesting and it is obvious that great effort has been exerted to gather video, documentary and photographic support for the course topic. Moreover, the course certainly heightened my sensitivity toward and appreciation of the sophistication of D&D operations.”

"This class is worth coming to. I will recommend it to others.”

"As expected, excellent course with lots of information. I learned a great deal that I did not know.”

"What an eye opener. Excellent job—great course, enjoyable and informative.”

"Superb class presentation. The instructors colorfully showed how D&D has been used, and can be used to effectively deceive US opponents in the Intel Wars.”

"Excellent course--should be mandatory for all CT/CI agents/analysts.”

"Thanks for providing the information I needed to open my mind to be more effective in my job.”

"I am amazed that a bunch of experienced operators spent so much time building the presentations—normally you find reliance on their resume and hours of oration. Outstanding use of technology.”

"Very good. Very refreshing to hear such experienced speakers in a non-attribution non-politically correct delivery. The experience and candor of the speakers made this a great course. A great introductory course as well as a refresher. The course mixed historical context and contemporary issues in a very effective way. Great course.”

"Very informative. Expresses the importance of considering D&D when formulating an analysis. Instructors are very knowledgeable and hold the attention of the class well.”

"Speakers with such extensive background in CI are of true value to course. It's always best to have people speak from first-hand knowledge. Thank you for the books.”

"Great course! The material was very good. The way it was all tied together at the end was excellent.”

"I have been exposed to almost all of these concepts and historical events at one time or another, but the depth of knowledge and delivery of the staff really brought it all together in a powerful way.”

"Course was very informative. The knowledge gained from this course has made me appreciate the FBI and CIA and intelligence agencies. Excellent!”

"I will forever see the world with new eyes. This class will help me in my work.”

"Great course! It is evident that David Major eats, drinks and sleeps CI and espionage—that's a compliment. The instructors were equally effective at presenting the material and knowledge of the subjects. This course should be taught in the first year of a CI agent's career. Unfortunately for me, I am being exposed to this much later in my career. Compliments to all instructors! Thank you!”

"I've enjoyed this class and consider myself fortunate to have taken it. The professors are excellent and have encouraged me to learn more, not only about the course matter, but about American history. It was also encouraging to see such a ‘pro-America' attitude and patriotism. I think sometimes we forget why we're in this business!”

"The course was well put together. All the instructors kept attention and really promoted awareness of this issue by sharing their experiences. I will never look at any issue the same way again. Thank you.”

"Excellent, informative overview of CI denial and deception practices. David's extensive historical knowledge combined with his enthusiastic teaching style makes for three intense days requiring focus and insight on the part of each student. Thank you!”

"The course professors were all very professional and ‘polished' in their presentations. The audio-visual component of each presentation provided value-added information and helped illustrate the professor's discussion point. I'll definitely tell my counterterrorism counterparts about this course—many of them have little to no experience in CI, which is a great detriment to their skill set and CT analysis.”

"Compared to the training I have had, this one is by far the most interesting and enjoyable. The knowledge I've gained in this class will benefit me in my career and future employment. All of the professors are experts and made the class fun and kept my attention.”

"A very informative course—all presentations were well done and provided important information and ideas. Like my colleagues before me, I can use most of the knowledge gained in the course in the corporate world as we confront increased espionage and our partnership with the government grows.”

"Excellent course, good detail and background. High value, need more courses like this at all intelligence locations.”

"Absolutely impressed with the professional presentation and credentials of presenters.”

"Fantastic. A great opportunity to learn about CI. Thanks. So much to learn about that I never knew.”

"Very good course, very thought provoking, well-organized.”

"Excellent course. Superb presentation of material.”

"Excellent overview, history and presentation.”

"Very interesting way to spend three days. Asset to my career in CI for sure—thanks! Oleg is always great to listen to—great presentation. Learned never trust any news story. He brings so much experience and great stories to share!”

"Excellent course from a CI historical perspective. Provides a good foundation on denial and deception. Re Deception Operations During the Vietnam War: Extremely fascinating and very little known facts on the deception played on the US to encourage their involvement in Vietnam.”

"Interesting course. Good integration of multimedia clips and the topic of the presentation. Presenters had a wealth of knowledge about the topics. They introduced knowledge not normally presented in other CI courses.”

"Good content and background for analytical approaches to information is very valuable. Appreciate the topics, insights and hypothesis from instructors.”

"Very insightful. By learning history, I will be able to look towards the future using what I learned from this course.”

"I simply can't wait until I can go to the next CI Centre course. The main idea re all of assets we lost due to Ames and Hanssen and the Op Games used to protect Ames and Hanssen was received and understood. Overall GREAT COURSE!”

"Excellent, relevant class on denial and deception. Lots of new information I never knew, particularly regarding deception in WWII and Vietnam War.”

"Very eye-opening course of instructions that was well presented. I will be more conscience of the big picture and how it applies to source operations. Great course for those new to the CI field.”

"Very interesting and revealing course for CI analysts and officers.”

"This was an outstanding course. Superb instructor with knowledge and experience and the ability to deliver. This has been a great learning experience and something I will be able to use daily in my job. I would highly recommend this course to any/everyone who works in intel. I look forward to returning for more!”

"Interesting, exciting and very informative.”

"Dave Major is an excellent presenter—an honor to hear him speak for over two days.”

"Extremely informative—this course will definitely assist me in my duties in future operations. I am glad that CI has finally become a ‘hot topic' and one that every government official should be educated on.”

"Offered more insightful ways to combat insurgents in the War on Terror but utilizing different IO type skills. Operating on tactical level, this class has given more a different look and helped open my eyes to see some methods that are being used against conventional forces in theaters such as Iraq. It's also provided a basis of knowledge to combat these methods.”

"This course is a horizon-broadener for me. This deepens my understanding of intel issues and will therefore change my perspective in current and future events. I think this will also cause me to think more strategically about issues—I see a slightly bigger picture now.”

"Overall I thought the course was extremely worthwhile. It was very informative and provided me a broader, more profound understanding of the operations, deceptions, double agents, spies and investigations that occurred during the Cold War. Dave Major is a top notch subject matter expert and I would highly recommend this course to my contemporaries.”

"This has given me a unique perspective that I can now begin to apply to my current work and future development as an intelligence officer.”

"Simply phenomenal!”

"Outstanding! Makes me realize how little I know about CI/D&D ops of this type. I have learned many new things and can't wait to learn more.”

"Extremely interesting. Having spent 10 years teaching counterintelligence investigations and tactical/strategic collection operations for the US Army, this information cemented how relevant CI training is. I was involved in a couple of US Army cases but this highlights a bigger picture.”

"Fascinating look into KGB's influence on the US. Great educational presentation directly from the source.”

"Great instruction, vast knowledge and experience. One of the best courses I've ever taken. I look forward to coming back for more.”

"I've attended many courses of study throughout my CI career and this information is comprehended because of the energy of the instructor. David Major provided the information as learned and developed through practical and relevant operations. Outstanding and I hope I can attend additional courses.”

"Great presentation skills. The personal stories always lend credence to the overall credibility of the courses. The PowerPoint is exceptionally well done.”

"Very effective, knowledgeable and engaging speaker. A wealth of experience that serves the Centre and the student extremely well. Certainly one of the finest.”

"One of the best courses I've taken as an intel professional. The background, the analysis, the examples and the breakdown of past events were all tremendously educational and enlightening.”

"David Major is one of the best presenters and instructors I have ever learned from. A consummate professional and true expert. His knowledge and experience are an asset to those of us in the middle of our careers as well as the young up-and-comers just entering the industry.”

"The course was terrific. Thought-provoking and informative. The course gives me a tremendous perspective on the D&D discipline and how it is applicable to our work in the government. As is usual with a CI Centre course, the presenters were knowledgeable, enthusiastic about the material and entertaining. I will highly recommend this course to my colleagues.”

"Overall, this course has made me think differently. I've never had a course in D&D—I've been enlightened! Furthermore, in terms of working cases and running operations, I have a better understanding of how things may be or rather really are. As a result of this course, I'll work to better educate myself on the history of events as it'll make me a better, more learned investigator.”

"This course made me realize that I had so much blind spots and unawareness (lack of history) of the intelligence field. It made me want to read all the literature and information related to intelligence.”

"This was a very good course. This course truly opened my eyes as to how deception plays in most all aspects of operations/CI/politics, etc. This course forces me to look for beneath the surface to see if deception is being played.”

"This course is my first significant exposure to denial and deception. It has made a huge impact me on the conception of tradecraft. I would recommend this course to anyone who is new to the intelligence field and as a refresher for other community members.”

"Excellent education and lots of new info. I have a lot of respect for your teaching techniques and tools—keep it up!”

"Dave Major is performing a great service to the USIC by pulling together such great talent to put out an important product to CI/CT specialists. As I look around the classroom, however, I conclude that you are thinking too small. You need to fill auditoriums, not small classrooms. Find a way to do that, and you will be truly effective in educating the CI/CT communities. This is the best professional training I've received in my 21 years of service to the CI community—by far."

"Absolutely outstanding. I wish I could grab every American CI investigator by the neck and yank them into this course.”

"I was woefully ignorant of the priority placed by the Russians on active measures. This block of instruction has been priceless.”

"You LOVE this stuff, and your enthusiasm charges the students. Well done.”

"The overall themes and messages of this course are very relevant to my job and have impressed upon me the complexity of the issues. While I don't deal with CI and espionage issues directly, awareness of these facts and situations presented in the class will lead me to cast a more critical eye on the data I encounter.”

"Denial and Deception is an excellent course. I would recommend it to anyone in my squad. Things that I will do differently in my investigations would be to pay more attention to potential deception operations, and to always look at the "big picture” regarding investigations.”

"Great presenting of material in a way not seen through any other course I've attended. A true eye-opener to the facts/theories behind the operations conducted against our intelligence operations.”

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