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207: An Introduction to the People's Republic of China's (PRC) Intelligence Services

207: An Introduction to the People's Republic of China's (PRC) Intelligence and Counterintelligence Methodologies

207: An Introduction to the People's Republic of China's (PRC) Intelligence and Counterintelligence Methodologies

LENGTH: 3 days

This course provides an introductory review of PRC intelligence and counterintelligence practices.

It focuses on the significant differences as well as the similarities between Chinese intelligence collection and counterintelligence practices and Western and European models.

The course looks at Chinese cultural considerations and PRC historical events which are essential to understanding collection practices and counterintelligence operations employed by the Chinese.

In addition to coverage of traditional espionage, the seminar also discusses the Chinese economic espionage threat.

Companies and government agencies concerned with the theft of dual-use, proprietary information and technology will find this seminar particularly useful in understanding that growing threat.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


"I think the course did an excellent job of providing an overall picture of PRC intelligence and also distilling out key lessons and concepts from the case studies. I found the course (as of all CI Centre courses) to be entertaining, informative and of great benefit to my job.”

"I have more of a CI awareness in regards to China. The case examples were very informative and interesting.”

"Interesting information and helpful to better understand culture, history and threats.”

"Despite working the China issue for past few months, this presentation helped me deepen my understanding and appreciation of history, culture and lessons learned from case studies. Well done!”

"The overall course was very informative, particularly the case studies. The information on the structure/organization of the MSS was useful. A worthwhile course, I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues at work.”

"Learned a lot about the Chinese, their operations and culture. Recommend it to others.”

"Enjoyed the course and especially the class interaction. Gave me a good foundation for my job. Very professional instruction.”

"I thought the course was very informative and well-structured. I'm new to this part of Intel Community, and I found the seminar very helpful to my overall understanding of CI. The course made me more motivated to do my job when I get back to my office because I understand and can visualize the whole CI process better in regard to China.”

"Worthwhile course. Audio-visuals were good. Enjoyed hearing the case studies.”

"Content was relevant and appropriate. I enjoyed the courses and learned some useful information.”

"An excellent introductory course for understanding Chinese intelligence methodologies and Chinese culture.”

"Good examination of how China collects intelligence. This course was very well-designed and structured. Good mix of discussion and audiovisual. Case studies provided good illustrations of collections and CI issues. The course provided additional and valuable insight to specific China intel collection methodologies and issues.”

"Great job! Very informative and helpful information on PRC!”

"This course gave an excellent overview of the PRC and the operations of the MSS.”

"Good course to introduce the China CI problem. Course topics were necessary and appropriate for both "beginners” and those already working Chinese topics.”

"Very useful to illustrate and examine why and how individuals were targeted and made vulnerable to Chinese intelligence collection.”

"Very informative. Brings home how aggressive the service will be to go after information they want.”

"My overall awareness for the PRC intel methodologies has grown.”

"Excellent course.”

"Insightful and created a new outlook in approaching China's intelligence gathering tradecraft.”

"As a result of this course, I realized the ranging impact that Chinese intelligence impacts our assets and information. Highlights the importance of history and culture when it comes to understanding China.”

"Great real-world examples of MSS techniques and tactics.”

"This was a terrific introduction of Chinese intel ops in China and the US.”

"I am very happy to have had this course prior to my TDY to China. I feel much more prepared.”

"I have a better understanding of techniques MSS agents employ to develop assets and relationships initially.”

"This was a very useful and informative course for those just beginning to work the Chinese issue.”

"Valuable assessments of the Chinese CI threat.”

"Great class! Can't wait for other people in my office to take it!”

"This course will help me avoid becoming a target while in China.”

"Very interesting, informative and engaging course—well done! It found it very helpful. Thank you!”

"I came here with a purpose in mind—to learn from the information presented for use in my job. Information was presented with ease and confidence. Great job! Presentations were interesting, informative, educational and very useful.”

"I really enjoyed this course. I wasn't familiar with any of the information before so this gave a very good overview of China for me.”

"Helped show how Chinese approach to intelligence and why they do it in the way they do.”

"Very interesting. I really like hearing about the real world examples.”

"Actually it was very eye opening. I was not familiar with the intelligence collection process for China."

"Wonderfully arranged, kept audience active in conversation and topics.”

"Excellent overview—gives a new CI perspective.”

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