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208: The Robert Hanssen Case and SpyDrive®

208: The Robert Hanssen Case and SpyDrive®

LENGTH: 2 days

This course will explore the story behind one of the most complex and damaging espionage cases in US history: FBI Supervisory Special Agent Robert Hanssen. It is given by those who knew him best—longtime FBI coworkers and supervisors.

  • Who was Hanssen?
  • What were his motivations?
  • How did he operate and what kind of damage did he do to US national security?

The highlight of this day is a tour of the actual dead drops and signal sites in Northern Virginia used by Hanssen to clandestinely pass over 6,000 classified documents to the Soviet KGB and Russian SVR.

The damage done at each dead drop is explained, along with a discussion on how Hanssen could operate for such a long period of time without being detected.

- - - -

On Sunday, February 18, 2001, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Robert Hanssen woke up a free man.

But that afternoon, at 4:43 pm in a park in his hometown of Vienna, Virginia, his life would drastically change forever for the worse.

While loading a dead drop of highly classified US documents under a bridge at Foxstone Park for his Russian handlers, he was arrested by the FBI on charges of spying for the Russian intelligence service, SVR. He went to sleep that night in jail.

SpyDrive®: The Robert Hanssen Case takes place in Northern Virginia and you will see different sites than those seen on the regular SpyDrive®.

The professors will show you where Hanssen operated as a spy and other locations related to the case.

You will receive an in-depth review of the most damaging spy case in US history. You will learn about Hanssen's life, his work, his operational activity, his handlers and the events leading to his capture on that February day.

There is no other place you can get such a comprehensive look at one of the most unusual and damaging spy cases.

Retired senior FBI Supervisory Special Agent David Major is a leading expert in counterintelligence, knew Hanssen and has studied this case in great depth.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


"I learned more in this class than 10 years of on-the-job training. Tour a must for all CI/CT officers."

"Learned new facts about the Hanssen case and gave me a more understanding of the importance of counterintelligence."

"This case can't be taught enough. I've been through many Hanssen briefs and by far this is the most comprehensive and professional briefs I've seen. The tour was outstanding."

"Very much enjoyed the background on Hanssen, who I regrettably knew very little about. Tour was excellent--really brings the Hanssen case to life. Great teaching tool."

"Very informative. Things were explained very clearly. I as an analyst realized how much info Hanssen had access to through analyst field."

"Very interesting to see where/how Bob operated--made the experience more real."

"Really enjoyed it. Tour was icing on the cake. Makes all the info real. Compliments the classroom and analysis.”

"It gave life to the Hanssen story--I will never look parks the same way again."

"Great documentation of Hanssen case and magnitude of his efforts to harm national security."

"A must for all involved in CI presently and those who think they know it all!"

"Changed my perception of the case. Tour gives a first-hand feel for the case."

"Seeing the actual sites is a great way to end the presentation.”

"I've sat through at least three Hanssen briefings and this is definitely the most thorough and entertaining."

"Comprehensive discussion of Hanssen case provides excellent background. Informative, exhaustive, authoritative briefing--very helpful."


"Heard of Hanssen but not in this detail. Very interesting and well done."

"Valuable account of how this happened, especially who and why."

"Excellent history of the case that puts everything in perspective."

"Turned it from a 'story' to 'real'."

"Excellent--heard case before and read books, but still came away with new infor!"

"Awesome class!”

"Excellent class. Enjoyed listening to how Hanssen became a spy and eventually being caught."

"Very informative. Got really good insights into the background of the case."

"Tour was tool cool and very informative info on tradecraft, especially to a novice CI guy."

"Great instructor--absolute fountain of information and experience."

"Excellent presentation. No more needs to be said!”

"Tour made everything come alive!"

"Truly remarkable. I am looking forward to reading the affidavit as well as the book "Spy”.

"Simply great—again the rest of the story, behind the scenes insights, individual psychology or hang-ups, agency cultures and most importantly ‘lessons learned' a spy catcher who was a spy. Wow!”


"Tour really brings the classroom to life and brings the case to life."

"Enjoyed understanding this case from someone who actually knew him well."

"Very intriguing."

"Well done, really enjoyed this.”

"Outstanding information given. The firsthand knowledge definitely added to the story.”

"Wish courses of this nature and value are provided to CI elements/units across the US Government. Between Conrad and Hanssen, a CI agent will come to completely understand why ‘an intelligence service, particularly a CI service, depends on its memory and sense of history, without them it is lost.'”

"Great tour!”

"Excellent due to personal insights provided by instructor.”


"Class involvement and presentation made this segment/subject easy to understand and enjoyable.”

"Very interesting way it was developed and weaving in of personal insights.”

"Wonderful learning experience!”

"Very good way to link the real world with what we heard about.”

"Great field trip.”

"I don't think this could be taught better by anyone in the world. Major is a genius.”

"Magnificent. Tour was excellent opportunity to give life to the case.”

"Disturbingly sad to see innocent sites that were used by a betrayer to the US.”

"Wow! The ‘inside scoop' was invaluable. The drive with the first-hand knowledge made the SpyDrive that more exciting.”

"Awesome! Really brought the case to life.”

"This was excellent!"

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