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220: An Introduction to Israeli Intelligence and Counterintelligence Methodologies

220: An Introduction to Israeli Intelligence and Counterintelligence Methodologies

LENGTH: 3 days

This course provides the background necessary to understand and interpret events currently unfolding in the Middle East and around the world, relating to the Israeli-Arab conflict and the Global War on Terrorism.

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the Israeli intelligence services' and intelligence community origins, evolution, structure, leadership, missions, operational methods, as well as successes and failures.

To understand Israeli intelligence, it is essential to understand that its intelligence services have been at war with deadly outside threats since before Israel's formation in 1948.

The role of Israeli intelligence in the four conventional Israeli-Arab Wars between 1947 and 1973 and the terrorism war to the present are examined.

This course provides a deep understanding of why "human intelligence is king” in the Israeli intelligence services and why the motto of the Mossad is "Everything is Possible.”

The course discusses how Israeli intelligence and counterintelligence services operate worldwide and recruit support agents to fulfill high-risk and dramatic intelligence operations.

The course examines the operational imperative of Israeli intelligence.

Numerous high and low profile worldwide Israeli intelligence operations are examined to illustrate the methods of operation and the aggressiveness of the Israelis.

The course attempts to address "How you might see the world if you were in Israeli Intelligence or were an Israeli citizen, and how you would respond.”

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Read what attendees say about this course:


"This was an outstanding class—by far the best CI class I have taken. Dynamic presentation with good examples. Lots of good, follow-up reading suggestions.”

"Fascinating information on a country that always seems to be on the world stage—Israel. The use of graphics in support of the lectures was superb. The material was presented in a manner that always seems to hold your attention. Not a dull moment in the class. One of the best, if not the best, CI training/lecture I have received in my nearly 27 years of CI work.”


"Full of useful info. Put much into perspective. Good background—explained a lot. What was started Monday was finished Tuesday. It was all woven well together.”

"This class has given me a much better understanding of the Israeli Services and what their officers will do to protect their national security. This class really kept my interest throughout and provided useful information and meaningful stories.”

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Presented in such a manner that I feel I better understand the environment.”

"Very informative. Good visuals.”

"This class is an extremely interesting course. It provided me with insight to help better understand the current situation in the Middle East.”

"Very pleased with course. Learned a lot. Thank you.”

"Outstanding overview of historical context of Israeli Services.”

"Great history and survey of events that helped shape the Israeli Intelligence Services! Detailed account of the Pollard case, in particular the examples of the information passed. In addition, a good example on how Mossad and LAKIM ran an extended operation.”

"Once again, I am walking away from this course with much more knowledge than I began with. This is my second course at the CI Centre and both have been wonderful experiences. Instructors are a wealth of knowledge on what they speak about. Thanks again and keep up the great work.”

"Educational as always. Enjoyed learning about the Israeli approach and philosophy. Very enlightening.”

"The amount of information presented in this course is staggering. I've learned more in two days than I have in eight months covering this issue. This class was incredibly useful and educational. I found, for my specific job purposes, the mentality and the structure of the Israeli Intelligence Services portions of this class invaluable. I also thoroughly enjoyed the use of video clips. It helped me get a better understanding of the events by seeing the newscasts and reports from the time periods. This being my first CI Centre course, I am very pleased to find out the reputation is well earned. Thank you very much for giving me a great understanding of the background and workings of Israeli intelligence.”

"Great course and thorough description of Israeli Intelligence. Every counterintelligence agent dealing with Israel should take this course.”

"Excellent course. Content terrific. Pacing and introduction of material in the sequence chosen was very well done and planned.”

"As long as this course is unclassified, it should be given to every American!”

"This was an excellent course. It gave me valuable insight into the mindset of the Israeli intelligence community.”

"I thought the instruction and material were superb. I feel like I got great summarization not only of the political issues but the development of the Israeli intelligence services.”

"Excellent introduction into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Provides a good understanding of what drives these two peoples to do the things they do. Look forward to future courses.”

"I took this course due to recommendations from fellow employees, who stated this was an excellent class. This was definitely a class worth taking. Understanding or trying to understand why Israelis do what they do was just astonishing! The organization and wealth of knowledge the instructors bring to the class is grade A, hands down this is one of, if not the best, course I have ever taken.”

"This course was absolutely one of the best classes I have taken in either a professional or academic setting. My hope for this course was to acquire a basic framework understanding of Israel and their motivations for intelligence, as well as being able to understand the main concepts. This course has not only provided this, it has far exceeded my expectations. The course presented a fair picture of Israel and did not victimize or endorse; it presented the history and facts. Having no real knowledge of Israel, I leave feeling I know much more and have clear idea how this relates to my work.”

"The course focused on a lot of very interesting operations and did not sugar coat anything. It is very insightful to see how Israeli Intelligence has evolved and how they have fought off so many enemies!”

"This course provides a solid foundation for understanding Israeli intel and CI.”

"Excellent. Comprehensive. Breadth of information was outstanding.”

"Excellent and balanced approach to coverage of what can sometimes be controversial and emotional subjects. Very well done! Good use of audio/visuals help retain interest and engage audience. Love the book recommendations!”

"Loved the ironies that surfaced, e.g. role of USSR/KGB in Middle East evolution—one never hears of this involvement!”

"Course builds from history for a solid foundation to better understand the services, mindset. I will do more reading on subject.”

"The course provides a well-researched and chronological exposure of the Israeli intelligence services from its beginnings to the present day. A very important focus of the course is the mindset and belief of Israel's intelligence operations. This itself is very important from a CI perspective.”

"Excellent info for historical background, Israeli intelligence resolve, tradecraft, motivation.”

"Extremely superb course. I'm also overwhelmed by the amount of rich resources and references from which to continue more study on the topics presented. It's very evident that a lot of time and investment is given to keeping this course current. Thanks!”

"Very well organized and informative. Excellent insight into motivations and methods of Israeli intelligence services.”

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