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250: The Secret History of History: The Impact of Intelligence & Counterintelligence on World Events

250: The Secret History of History: The Impact of Intelligence and Counterintelligence on World Events

LENGTH: 2 days

The media, along with critics of intelligence and numerous individuals convicted of espionage have often rationalized their actions by making the argument that intelligence and counterintelligence programs have had little or no impact on world events.

This course is a historical journey through some of the most dramatic events in history to counter this hypothesis with factual examples.

The course begins with the Elizabethan Era and the importance of her spymaster followed by a discussion of the only US President held captive in the Tower of London, the importance of double agents and deception in the American War of Independence and the decisive role of intelligence in the Civil War.

Also discussed are the role of espionage against the US in the nuclear age, the impact on US National Nuclear Strategy and Policy and the two times the US came close to nuclear war.

Implications for national security resulting from the damage caused by a number of high and low profile US espionage cases are explored.

The course provides numerous examples of the power of intelligence and the policy implications when intelligence gaps existed, such as in the Middle East.

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