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268: Terrorism Threats in Africa

268: Jihadi Strategies in Africa

LENGTH: 1 day

This course, taught by CI Centre Professor Walid Phares, is the first educational seminar in the nation addressing the global geopolitics of the Jihadist forces in the continent of Africa.

Of prime interest to strategists, decision-makers, analysts and other individuals involved in national security, homeland security, intelligence and foreign affairs fields, the course provides a necessary introduction to the developing Jihadi strategies in various African regions.

The course provides an overview of the ideologies and global movements involved in Jihadism in Africa and their historical interpretations of the geopolitics of the continent.

It looks at the Salafist movement in Africa, Hezbollah's presence in the region and Iran's strategies in the Red Sea.

The Sudan and Darfur conflict are discussed as are the problem with Somaliaand al-Qaeda.

Projected Jihadi offensives in the Sahel and projected Western counter strategies are examined as well as the impact of African Jihadism on US and Western national security.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


Excellent course on a very current and relevant topic. Great wrap-up with thinking about the US and Africa in the future. (4)

Excellent overview of and introduction to the Jihadist strategies and situations in Africa. My first exposure to this information. (30)

I came into the course with little knowledge about the region. After taking the course, this is enlightening and extremely informative. The instructor has an unimaginable grasp of the area and analyzes the region well. Not only did we get history in the area, but we get future threats and possible solutions to the problem. (1 year govt service)

This course supplied an abundant amount of information regarding the movement of Jihad in Africa. Not only was the geographic movement addresses, but the reasons behind the movement were addressed as well. (2)

Information was relevant and presented in an interesting format. I would evaluate the usefulness of the information as being ‘high.' (31)

Extremely informative and thoughtfully-developed course. Well-taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. (8)

One of the most intriguing and informative courses I've ever taken. (8)

Outstanding. (35)

Excellent information and very pertinent to my job. (22)

Was a very good course that opened my eyes to the future of jihad in Africa. (25)

Presented extremely well. Enjoyed the history. (2)

Fantastic course with great information. Phares is one of the best instructors yet. He did an excellent job of presenting the information. (1)

Great course. Speaker was very knowledgeable and was able to convey the message clearly and well. (1)

Fantastic and informative. Very good instructor. Good length. (5)

Nice overview of a range of current and potential jihadi penetrations and threats across Africa. (5)

Instructor was very knowledgeable and material presented was very relevant. I would recommend this course to others. (6)

Excellent course that is very up to date. (4)

Excellent (31)

This course was informative and knowledgeable about Africa. (31)

Excellent. (2 )

Intense! The professor had an overwhelming wealth of knowledge. He was profound in this subject matter. (9)



I work with the Sub-Saharan Africa countries on a daily basis. Just trying to gain as much knowledge as I can on the different terrorist networks and what their goals and purpose are. (24)

I had a Middle East center view on jihadist activities. This shows me that they can be patient, utilizing ideology and education to gain favor/power in the region. I see that if they gain a stranglehold on Africa, it could paralyze global markets. (1)

The jihadist movement is an upcoming force the government will need to focus on. Scrutinize security forms to include focus on African nations. (6)

Helps to open my mind about the intentions of radical Islamists. (31)

Significantly increased my knowledge on the subject as it pertains to the region. (8)

I have a better idea of how my AOR is connected with the entire African Jihadist movement. (8)

It gave me a greater sense of the environment in Africa and will allow me to better support the counterterrorism mission. (35)

Very eye-opening! I will certainly use this information in my day-to-day work experience. (22)

I will be able to use what I have learned in the course in my employment. (25)

Our focus has been on Asia, etc., Afghanistan and Pakistan, although Al-Qaeda is all over Africa as well as Hezbollah. The jihadist networks in Africa are very eye-opening. (2)

It has further enhanced my knowledge on the subject matter which is very beneficial. (1)

I knew Africa was an up and coming threat but it seems more relevant than I previously realized! (4)

Has broadened my knowledge of the worldwide Islamic/Jihadists situation and threats. (30)

Opened up my view on jihadi strategies in Africa, as well as taught me many things on the topic I had not known about. (1)

Made me realize the different layers at play in the region. (5)

Expanded my concerns about the macro level strategic threats to US interests and Africa, as well as providing important overview for analysts focus as well as ideas for confronting these challenges. (5)

This course definitely made me more aware of the current and future issues in Africa. I also learned more about historical events, which are also relevant. (6)

I learned a lot that I didn't know. Very eye-opening. (4)

This training has definitely taught me a lot about Africa, the jihadi movements, and a different way of life. (5)

Expanded my education regarding the impact of the Jihadist movement. (31)

It has helped me understand and view Africa differently. I had very little knowledge before this class. (20)

Good situational awareness. (2)

Opened my mind to a much larger picture thanks to Mr. Walid Phares! (11)

Expanded my outlook on the Salafist movement in Africa. (9)

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