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362: Informant Development for Law Enforcement to Fight Terrorism

362: Informant Development for Law Enforcement to Fight Terrorism

LENGTH: 3 days

An important seminar for Law Enforcement to learn how to successfully identify, develop and recruit useful informants and sources for the local fight against terrorism.

All law enforcement officers know that informant/source development and handling is essential to identify, prevent and/or solve terrorist attacks on their community.

Law enforcement officers also know it is essential to understand the "mindset” and "belief structure” of any individual they are trying to recruit as a source of information.

This seminar is specifically structured to provide these skills to law enforcement officers recognizing that homeland security is local security.

The development of a "terrorist” informant is different in many ways from the development of general "criminal” informants.

It is essential that law enforcement officers are provided the tools and tactics to target and recruit informants in this new evolving war with Jihadist terrorism.

This important course includes an honest, detailed background discussion of what the radicalization process teaches about Islam to potential jihadist recruits and how Islam is used by extremists to justify the Militant Jihadism.

The law enforcement officer developing informants must under have a working knowledge of the roots of the terrorist actions observed by today's Jihadist such as the phenomena of "taqiyya” and "kitman” or the role of deception by Jihadis will be illustrated and explored with examples.

The concept and importance of the meaning of "slander” within the Muslim context is also explored to provide additional understanding to the law enforcement officer concerned with Jihadist terrorism within their community.

This course will train Law Enforcement Officers how to:

  • Identify, approach and recruit sources to identify, penetrate and report on the potential Jihadist problems within their jurisdiction.

  • Provide the tools and tactics required to identify and develop counterterrorist informants/sources.

  • Understand the differences between development of general criminal informants/ sources and the development of counterterrorism informants/ sources.

This course will provide you with an understanding of Jihadist Islamic Doctrine:

  • A detailed knowledge of the process of radicalization and training directed against Muslims by Jihadists to recruit them to support or conduct acts of terrorism.

  • The Jihadist interpretation of Islamic Doctrine and Law to justify terrorism.

  • Tactics to use when talking to people within your community who are in a position to support law enforcement's fight in the war on Jihadist Terrorism.

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Read what attendees say about this course:

Evaluation of the Subject Matter Covered

  • "Extremely valuable to the law enforcement community.” (4 yrs in law enforcement)

  • "Best lectures and the most comprehensive, easy to understand course I ever attended.” (11 yrs)

  • "Excellent! By far some of the best, most in depth training I have received in all of my years in experience.” (21 yrs)

  • "This training should be a requirement for all law enforcement and military personnel.” (4 yrs)

  • "Best training I've received while in the department.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "I can't say enough how much this course has opened my eyes.” (17 yrs)

  • "This is a subject that should be required of any person who is in the business of protecting the USA.” (7 yrs)

  • "All material was extremely valuable and eye opening.” (19 yrs)

  • "Excellent, eye opening. What you covered is extremely important.” (16 yrs)

  • "Finally, a worthwhile class and so important with the times.” (19 yrs)

  • "Excellent information. All the instructors were great.” (17 yrs)

  • "Very good, detailed information.” (17 yrs)

  • "The subject matter was very thorough and well presented.” (4 yrs)

  • "Subject matter was very helpful. It gave me a better understanding of Islam, how terrorists think and why think how they do. It also gave me ideas of how to obtain, keep and utilize an individual as a source.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Very good presentations, well delivered and taken in.” (3 yrs)

  • "This was a great three days. Learned a lot about Muslims, Jihad and also the book of Quran as well.” (3 yrs)

  • "I simply did not know.” (4 yrs)

  • "Great subjects all the way around. Very informative and very helpful and resourceful. I like that you offer other resources like articles, books, and movies. That way we can look at them at a later date and pass it onto other people and co-workers.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Wonderful, I wish I knew this years ago.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Excellent training and thanks for your time.” (6.25 yrs)

  • "Excellent class, more information than I expected.” (9 yrs)

Evaluation of the Presentation Methodology

  • "Best presentations to date I have received. It appears a lot of thought and care went into them.” (17 yrs)

  • "The class held my attention more than any other I've taken. Good mixture of video, text and current speeches. Good variety of instructors.” (9 yrs)

  • "All of the presentations were presented in an easily understandable manner that held the attention of the class.” (19 yrs)

  • "Every American should be told the truths that this course presents.” (4 yrs)

  • "Awesome.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Outstanding.” (19 yrs)

  • "The PowerPoint presentations were incredible. They were very high speed and make me want to learn some new PowerPoint tricks. Great use of video.” (11 yrs)

  • "Presented in a logical order.” (17 yrs)

  • "Excellent.” (17 yrs)

  • "Very effective and well designed PowerPoint's. Videos were also good to keep me interested.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Well done and very effective for officers.”(3.5 yrs)

  • "Good mix. Great transitions between lecture and video. Makes the classes more interesting.” (13.5 yrs)

  • "I enjoyed the PowerPoint presentations, video clips and pictures.” (6.25 yrs)

  • "Very engaging.” (4 yrs)

Evaluation of Course Materials Discussed and/or Provided

  • "The course materials were very thorough, in depth and gave me a new understanding of how much in danger our way of life really is.” (19 yrs)

  • "It was an eye opener and showed me how much I really didn't know.” (3 yrs)

  • "Perfect amount of material covered learned and learned a great deal.” (11 yrs)

  • "This was my introduction to this subject matter in a classroom environment. Course helped everything kick in.” (17 yrs)

  • "The material appears to cover everything necessary to have a basic knowledge of the subject. Also, provides sources to further educate myself.” (7 yrs)

  • "Excellent.” (21 yrs)

  • "Material was helpful and will be helpful in the future as study material.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Everything was very informative and great resources were given!” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Guided discussions along with reference materials and short videos were a very good balance.” (4 yrs)

  • "Materials are very useful and informative.” (13.5 yrs)

  • "Good condensed version of a huge subject matter.” (6.25 yrs)

  • "Overall, all the information was very informative.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "The reader is very simple to understand, especially happy about the list of additional reading, videos and websites.”(9 yrs)

Impact the Training has had upon Your Thinking about Counterterrorism

  • "Prior to the class I had little to o exposure or educated explanations of counterterrorism. I feel like the training puts me ahead of most officers I work with.” (4 yrs)

  • "Totally opened my mind to the real threats of jihadists. Outstanding speakers! Why isn't this seminar given to the staff? They need to be here. If not staff, at minimum captains and lieutenants.” (21 yrs)

  • "The training is an eye opener.” (17 yrs)

  • "I have a much deeper understanding globally and have new ideas to implement locally. It burns the fire of passion for the subject hotter.” (11 yrs)

  • "An eye opening experience.” (7 yrs)

  • "Gave me a much larger view of the problem, with a no b.s. perspective.” (3 yrs)

  • "Increased my knowledge and raised my concern.” (17 yrs)

  • "I want to spread the truth about terrorism and how we can deal with it.” (3 yrs)

  • "The class makes you aware of how much you don't know, and has given me the motivation to strive for more understanding as this is a global problem that is going to have an impact on all.” (13.5 yrs)

  • "I have had this thought about counterterrorism for a while, but the course has made my feelings stronger and has supported it with more facts and knowledge.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "I have already been a strong proponent, but now that I am armed with more factual knowledge, my desire is to make an impact in the community is overwhelming.” (4 yrs)

  • "Eye opening, but depressing.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "We are in trouble and have a lot of work to do to protect our country.” (6.25 yrs)

  • "Very eye opening.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Made me more aware of the growing problem in the world.” (4 yrs)

  • "It is imperative.” (16 yrs)

  • "I want to learn more. Had already begun reading on the subject, this has just peaked my interest more.” (9 yrs)

Evaluation of Instructors:

  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your explanation of all the important terms really helped on Thursday and Friday's classes. You are a very good teacher and your passion for the importance of this material made me want to learn what you were so passionate about. I was embarrassed about the initial survey you gave us to fill out because I knew nothing. You have opened my eyes. Now I get it. I also liked your interactive remote controls!!!” (6.25 yrs)

  • "He was a great teacher and learned a lot. Opened my eyes on what's going on in the world.” (3 yrs)

  • "Excellent speaker, helped me understand the subject matter through his own brand of delivery. Helps when the instructors are motivated about the subject he is teaching.” (17 yrs)

  • "Eye opening material. The samples and information provided are important to understanding the concept of work required from the law enforcement community.” (4 yrs)

  • "Very informative, yet depressing because I am not the only one that needs the Red Pill. My boss needs it as well and he doesn't have it.” (19 yrs)

  • "Most incredible PowerPoint ever, A+. Great speaker, very passionate about the topic, which makes it fun and easy to learn. It was so helpful to get a solid foundation on the topic. I have concrete understanding now.” (11 yrs)

  • "Excellent speaker, fascinating information.” (21 yrs)

  • "This was a great introduction to the training. I learned a great deal from this portion and am motivated to continue learning as a result.” (4 yrs)

  • "Well prepared presentation. Material captured and kept my attention and I learned a lot of history and important terms/doctrine.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "I went in not knowing a whole lot, went in with an open mind and came out understanding the basics. Well taught, interesting videos and had a way to bring a long history into perspective. I like starting out with the quiz; it's amazing how much you don't actually know. Great stories too!” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Very good information and facts on what is truly the real problem and how it was explained in class. The problem of how little our higher officials really know or don't know about the problem.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Wow. Information overload, but the two main points about Islamic law he wanted understood, he made me understand.” (17 yrs)

  • "Scary to think that there are individuals out there that have had this class and still can't see the ocean for the water.” (19 yrs)

  • "Don't let this man get away. Very knowledgeable, good speaker. Talks about Islamic law in a way to the layman can understand.” (7 yrs)

  • "Outstanding! While it's good to understand the spiritual concept of Islam, the legal aspect is even more important. While I know Sharia Law existed, I never understood to legal system of Islam. Great class! I need to do it again to grasp the stuff I missed. Very knowledgeable! Excellent speaker!!!” (21 yrs)

  • "The complex topic was put forth in a way that made sense. Very important to the overall course.” (17 yrs)

  • "Very good facts. Proved that if you wanted to follow 'God' then you had to be Jihadist.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Helped me to understand Islamic law and the Quran.” (3 yrs)

  • "Same as above, after digesting the red pill, I am just overwhelmed.” (4 yrs)

  • "A must have for all training.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Great insight on the way of thinking we are facing.” (4 yrs)

  • "Very articulate, very new information for me, but he helped round out the information and made it more understandable.” (17 yrs)

  • "Eye opening, great information. All instructors are of the highest caliber.” (19 yrs)

  • "Outstanding and eye opening. Will be buying his book to learn more. All citizens should take his course. It stressed me out, probably a good thing.” (19 yrs)

  • "Great to see how much we learned in such a short time.” (11 yrs)

  • "Good source of what we are dealing with and what the mindset is of the people we are up against. What makes them tick and why they made the decisions they do.” (7 yrs)

  • "Outstanding, excellent speaker. I would have liked to hear more of his personal history. His journey (what little he spoke of) seemed so much a part of who he is today.” (21 yrs)

  • "Great insight from a former person who bought into radicalization. Good presentation.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Allowed me to understand the Muslim religion and Jihadists.” (3 yrs)

  • "Very interesting lecture. It was really helpful knowing things to look for/how to approach them. Just little things to better us as officers and to know what to do or not to do. It's nice to hear personal experiences and opinions of someone who knows from firsthand experience. Great information!!” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Also a great asset to the training.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "My favorite part was the signs to look for. Those things were interesting and kept my attention.” (6.25 yrs)

  • "Helpful information, was worried prior that this might not be something I would not be able to do, but it's a skill learned by doing. I'm motivated to start.” (17 yrs)

  • "Very helpful and like all the other classes, extremely valuable.” (19 yrs)

  • "His experience speaks for itself. Great lecture.” (11 yrs)

  • "Good information on developing and handling assets.” (7 yrs)

  • "I enjoyed the presentation and learned some good tactics.” (4 yrs)

  • "Good knowledge on how to use and protect your source.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "Good class on how to get and use sources. Great knowledge on how to treat and approach informants.” (3 yrs)

  • "Now knowing his work as an agent makes him a true patriot. His class was good. Dry humor, but his work makes him a hero to me.” (4 yrs)

  • "The core of the course. Interesting and useful.” (4 yrs)

  • "Excellent.” (16 yrs)

  • "Great to hear from someone who knows from the other side.” (17 yrs)

  • "Very energetic speaker with great information” (19 yrs)

  • "Very passionate, loved it. Motivating and credible.” (19 yrs)

  • "This was an incredible learning experience. He gave information to last a lifetime. Amazing sense of humor and personality. I hope to hear him speak again. I gained perspective from him that really opened my eyes.” (11 yrs)

  • "Good speaker, knows what he is talking about. Able to get across what we are handlers are up against in the modern terrorist's way of operating and thinking.” (7 yrs)

  • "Very good insight on how the other side thinks and what they truly know. Personal stories/experience were also helpful.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "He was a great teacher and it was great to get his side of what's going on. Would like to have more classes with his knowledge. We're lucky to get to hear his information.” (3 yrs)

  • "This was my favorite lecture. Great job! There was no bull, it was all real and spoke the truth. Personal experience is always a great learning experience. Great stories! This is very practical in what law enforcement agencies can apply to assess informants on the streets. Very funny!” (3.5 yrs)

  • "He is one of the most dynamic and exciting instructors I have had the pleasure of hearing and learning from in 15 years in the Marine Corps and four and a half years of law enforcement. A truly remarkable of bad to hero/patriot that I wish every American could hear.” (4 yrs)

  • "Awesome, awesome, awesome.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "You were the best instructor we had this week. Very interesting teacher. I enjoyed the practical concepts that relate to our field. Thank You! Thank you for teaching us!” (6.25 yrs)

  • "Good information on how to go about obtaining assets and validating them.” (3.5 yrs)

  • "The best insight on the terrorist was of life. Very helpful material.” (4 yrs)

  • "Excellent.” (16 yrs)

  • "Very intense, really inspiring.” (9 yrs)

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