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502: Double Agentry: Offensive Counterintelligence Operations

502: Double Agentry: Offensive Counterintelligence Operations

LENGTH: 5 days

Building on the foundation forged in our 501 Course, this course delves into the art of offensive CI operations with a primary focus on the art of running double agents to penetrate, manipulate, exploit, and control targeted adversaries, such as intelligence services or terrorist groups like al Qaeda.

Many of these offensive operations have changed history, but remain a misunderstood, and even unappreciated, CI penetration methodology.

A detailed discussion on the concepts, principles, and objectives of double agent operations lays the foundation for subsequent detailed double agent case studies.

When available, a former double agent addresses the class to explain what it was like to participate in this unique penetration operation.

Students participate in a day-long case study of the Oleg Penkovsky CIA/MI6 operation. They are exposed to two conflicting analyses of Penkovsky's bona fides in consecutive nightly readings and the impact such assessments can have on national policy. This culminates in a detailed case discussion in which the students draw conclusions on the validity of the intelligence produced by this operation.

This lecture and other double agent case studies, to include those run by al Qaeda against America, illustrate complex interconnectivity of a series of events, including espionage cases, penetrations of intelligence services, and offensive CI operations.

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Read what attendees say about this course:

"I have a better understanding of double agents and how it's used against us. Definitely see lesson on how history repeats itself.”

"I came into the course with almost no knowledge of Double Agent Operations. I have learned an incredible amount of information in just one week. All the instructors were extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter, and imparted this knowledge to us through the interactive discussions. I will pursue additional training opportunities through the CI Centre in the future. This course introduced me to a topic I never really considered before. I will better familiarize myself with the content of this course through books, etc. and hope to participate in such operations through my work experience in the future."

"Excellent course I would recommend to anyone. I can't believe how much I learned and can take back with me. I will be back for more classes.”

"This is an excellent course in Double Agentry. All the instructors were excellent in their presentations. The instructors also creatively and efficiently generated class participation. In all, CI training at its best.”

"A masterful set of lectures—very well done! I'm recommending this to other intel analysts.”

"Most of the presenters are excellent in delivering class instruction—very highly detailed, enthusiastic and passionate, etc. I would recommend this course to anyone—analysts, agents, officers—anyone who works in the CI field. Because of this course, I have learned to think deeper, and in all directions—don't get locked in a box!”

"It was much more interesting and informative to hear the info from people who have lived the content. It is obvious their knowledge is academically based as well as deep immersion into actual operations.”

"The information provided in the course is so completely appropriate. It will be of great value in my current assignment. Presentation was excellent. This course has changed my view; I need more training.”

"Excellent review of case studies and survey of offensive CI principles.”

"The course has made me more aware of DA ops and to not have a narrow-minded view of CI cases.”

"Incredibly professional and interesting course. Highly recommend to all my colleagues.”

"Very good. Will help with my work.”

"Great to get a lot of detailed history having grown up during the time of many of the events. Didn't realize the activities of Cuban Missile Crisis, almost brought us close to war. Helpful to get an understanding of the work analysis and thought process that analytic people go through in this process. Better understand the difficulty that our people have doing their job evaluating information.”

"Gave me an excellent understanding of DA ops which previously I had not been exposed to.”

"This is my first CI course. It gave me a good starting point into CI operations. Was able to learn new terms/strategies and techniques surrounding agents/double agents.”

"Very informative course. All presenters were quite knowledgeable and contributed a wealth of information to the class.”


"As a result of this course, I've become even more adverse to snap judgments. I've become even more aware of how difficult this work is.”

"This course reinforces personal knowledge. How I look at things and new ways or approaches to view or approach things. No pain no gain. Teaches younger officers that risk taking is necessary in this business! Want to come back for more.”

"Information presented in this course will help me perform CI-related duties on a daily basis, especially how Double Agent (DA) operations are conducted and what practices are best for asset validation.”

"These CI courses have increased my awareness and interest so much that I have taken a CI assignment.”

"Relevant, educational, GREAT presenters.”

"This course made me look at issues differently.”

"I've added A LOT of tools to my CI toolbox. Everyone could benefit from this training, even non-CI folks.”

"Very educational and eye-opening to know what was going on "behind the scenes” as history took place. Your research and analysis is outstanding! This course has definitely changed my view towards CI; the military doesn't offer this level of detailed/researched information (lessons learned).”

"This course helped widen my appreciation of DA operations and the number of questions they can be used to answer.”

"Great course. The information presented clarified the world of Double Agent ops. As a CT guy, you showed me the complexity of the CI world.”

"The entire experience was outstanding, to include the facilities and staff. As a SIGINTer, I have little experience with the CI side of the house and found this course to be highly informative. Now that I have had this course, I feel that my support to the CI community will be much better. Thanks!!”

"Excellent, great. I loved how the instructors are able to intermix methodology with content through the case studies. I have almost never seen anything like it—incredible impressive!”

"This was an excellent course! To a new employee working CI, I found this course to be invaluable. Not only did I learn a lot, but it also made me excited about my new career.”

"Made me think.”

"Value to be found nowhere else.”

"As a result of this course, I have more operational appreciation.”

"Penkovsky case study was extremely useful and very interesting.”

"Thank you for continuing to serve your country by providing this instruction. It is invaluable. Very, very good.”

"I enjoyed that the instructors provided what was happening in the world as a backdrop for specific FI and CI operations. I think we tend to view events in isolation and lost the holistic analytical approach. Appreciate the human perspective tied to the clinical CI perspective.”

"I really enjoyed the course and the exposure into double agentry. I definitely learned the concepts.”

"CI is a complex play. There are always new ways, but you must have the experience. This course gives a very good basic overall view of CI. Excellent course.”

"This course has given me a much better understand and grasp of the history and tradecraft of intelligence and counterintelligence. It also has given me a great appreciation of the operations side of intel.”

"Case study on Penkovsky was terrific. Great way to exercise the analytics of asset validation.”

"Excellent course. I think I enjoyed it more than 501, which I also enjoyed. Your teaching style suits me very well as a visual learner and I can't express enough gratitude for your implementation of technology. The audio/visual presentations are great. Very professional courses which always set themselves apart from the typical boring government brief.”

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