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503: Counterespionage Today: Complexities and Decisions

503: Counterespionage Today: Complexities and Decisions

LENGTH: 5 days

This course focuses on the discipline of counterespionage. It covers selected modern cases from the more than 200 espionage prosecutions of the past five decades, including a number of non-Russian espionage cases.

We take you on an exploration of the very complicated and often time-consuming process of investigating an espionage lead. We study legal principles and protection of sources and methods during the conduct of a counterespionage investigation.

You learn about the complexities of investigating when not only several US intelligence agencies are involved, but when foreign CI and intelligence services must become involved for successful resolution.

We study the investigative cycle, illustrating it with many different case studies, not all of which were neutralized through prosecution, driving home the reality that arrest and prosecution is but one method of neutralizing a threat.

The course also examines the complexity of conducting espionage overseas and who the US is forced to deal with in these types of cases.

The last two days of the course focus on the complexities of the Hanssen case and include a Hanssen SpyDrive® to his operational sites.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


"Exceptional course on a very interesting subject. The right blend of lectures, class participation and PowerPoint. Of the many intel courses that I have taken, this one rates at the very top. The background and knowledge of the instructors is incredible, an absolute 'all-star' group with experience in espionage cases over the past 30 years! In one word--WOW!"

"This course has given me ideas for how to pursue current CE cases and has reinvigorated my zeal for doing counterespionage work.”

"This course went above my expectations. I rated content excellent because of unique insights into historical cases, especially the Hanssen case. The presentation was well-planned and executed.”

"Wow! I am new to CE/CI and the course is my first exposure to the intelligence world. I took an immense amount of information away from this course. I look forward to becoming a student of my new profession and am eager to take additional courses with the CI Centre.”

"Excellent source of information. Instructors possess a wealth of knowledge and experience and are more than willing to share with attendees. The fact that these courses are taught from knowledge gained over years of working in CI makes CI Centre courses beneficial to many who are new to the CI world. I can and will use all that I've learned as I do my job. I always leave here with a different/greater perspective of counterintelligence and counterespionage. Thanks for all you provide."

"I have never been disappointed when coming to the CI Centre. This class has been a pleasure to come to every day.”

"This CI training is essential and should be mandatory, especially for those actually working counterintelligence.”

"This course has made me even more interested in CI—am going to try to steer my career that way.”

"Totally excellent. This CI training is critical and should be mandatory for all new CI personnel and refresher training for mid-career CI people and CI managers without field experience in CI. CI is more complex (legally and tradecraft, etc) then most new and inexperienced employees appreciate. The cost to the nation and other victims is too high in dollars and misery. With these CI programs available, there is no longer any standing for ‘ignorance' excuses.”

"I do not hesitate to attend courses with the CI Centre or ensure my subordinates attend because I know that which is learned will be delivered in a very articulate and professional environment where all students walk away better qualified to understand counterintelligence.”

"Solid examples helped in understanding how cases are investigated and evidence is collected for prosecution.”

"I will recommend this course to my coworkers and associates.”

"I'm brand new to CI and found it very informative. You do an excellent job making it interesting and personal.”

"Absolutely fantastic.”

"Excellent course, excellent instructors. This was my first introduction to CI and counterespionage. I found the courses very informative and would not change anything about them. I will take as many future classes here as my agency will allow.”

"This course provided a solid foundation from which to conduct espionage/CI investigations. Understanding actual cases allows an investigator to recognize anomalies and patterns that may be exhibited by subjects in an ongoing investigation as well as reasons to initiate an investigation.”

"As a result of this course, I gained more knowledge which will enhance my performance on the job.”

"The amount of information presented in this course was amazing. I would definitely recommend this course to others and I plan to try to attend other courses. I have a much better understanding now of how the whole counterintelligence system works together, how each agency plays its role.”

"Very interesting and insightful. The course provided in-depth analysis of some unknown but very interesting espionage cases.”

"I highly commend the content, presentation, and value of this instruction. Most significantly, the insight and personal comments and observations of the instructors were greatly appreciated. Too often, government training programs are conducted within the confines of the agency; in this case because the instructors were either retired or in some other capacity, they were able to present unique material and observations. I additionally commend the utilization of the actual spy cases to present material which involved spy tradecraft, investigator techniques, etc. This allowed me to not only gather valuable information, but to gather it in an entertaining and interesting manner.”

"Was a great overview. Not only added to what I know but put me on the trail of the things I still have to learn. Was very thankful for the obvious high quality and vast experience of your staff. I look forward to taking future courses.”

"Great information. I will encourage all my office mates to attend this wonderful, enlightening class.”

"The course was very eye-opening in that I learned new ways to spot espionage and I got an internal look at how investigations can be glitched up and still be successful. I plan to keep my eyes wide open and to become a ‘professional student' of CI."

"Course was quite valuable and the case studies insightful and brilliantly presented. Course curriculum presented with breadth, detail and a story tale reality."

"This was a wonderful course; I enjoyed all aspects of it. I love my work and this class made me excited to do what I do!”

"This is a fantastic course. Very energetic and experienced instructors. I will definitely recommend this course to others. I have learned quite a bit and truly enjoyed it."

"Excellent course. Each of the instructors was extremely knowledgeable and effectively relayed their expertise to the class. They were excited about the topics they were presenting and it showed in the presentation."

"This information will help me to effectively do my job."

"Course substance was exceptional. This is the best CI course I have taken."

"My first CI course--absolutely outstanding. I look forward to learning more from this CI instructional team. Truly enjoyed it."

"Highly recommend this course to my fellow coworkers. This course gives a better understanding of counterintelligence and what is behind an investigation."

"A must for all CI folks. New CI and experienced professionals will take many things from this course. There are way to many people in the CI world who call themselves experienced, and those are the ones who believe they can't be taught anything new. This course will even benefit those who believe they know everything!"

"Wonderful! I learned SO much. Wish this course could go for another week!"

"SpyDrive does a good job of putting info from books into reality. This is the best CE/I course I have ever attended. It has given me insight to use in my own current workload."

"Really forced me to think of varied CE issues that I had never thought of."

"Better than any courses I've ever taken in college or my government organization because I got to hear from the people who were actually involved in the cases."

"Once again, an excellent course. Everything is always well-presented and all the instructors make the information exciting and entertaining. I have already taken several CI courses here and plan to take many more."

"The course clearly articulated a complex problem and the dynamic environment of counterintelligence. It demonstrated the decision making process when you have limited information and showed not deciding can be harmful. It exposed the differences between CI investigations and criminal investigations. It had a great exercise of the conflict and balance between civil liberties and state sovereignty."

"LOVED the course. I have been recommend it to my officemates all week!"

"I had heard it was a good course and will now add my voice to that rumint. Thank you for the books--it's a nice touch and a positive influence in getting people to learn more about their jobs. Thanks for an instructive week."

"This course is outstanding. I am constantly telling people that of all the courses I have taken, the courses at the CI Centre are the best."

"The BEST course I have ever taken. Will be back for more."

"Excellent course! Not enough superlatives to describe its benefit to me. I have to take all your courses as the two I've already taken have been of the highest caliber."

"I was very impressed with this course. I learned so much and enjoyed doing so. The instructors are well qualified to teach this course and did an excellent job. It was both in-depth and informative but explained on a level that was easy for everyone to comprehend, no matter what their level of experience or knowledge of counterintelligence and counterespionage. Great job! Thanks very much."

"Always enjoyable. The CI Centre is amazing."

"This course was great and I'm walking away with a much better understanding that I feel will help me in my career."

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