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505: An Overview of Critical Counterterrorism Issues

505: An Overview of Critical Counterterrorism Issues

LENGTH: 5 days

This is the CI Centre's flagship counterterrorism course. It is designed specifically for the national security and defense communities—intelligence, military, homeland security, and law enforcement—to understand the evolution of terrorist threats and America's counterterrorist responses over the past 100 years.

As in all wars and conflicts, the doctrines of the enemy must be studied to defeat them. The core doctrine of terrorist organizations has changed over the past 40 years from being secular-based to predominately sectarian-based.

This course focuses on the threat doctrines of violent extremist groups dominating today's national security and military efforts.Attendees will gain a solid understanding of key concepts of extremists' doctrines, ideology, texts, leaders, goals, history, and definitions of terms.

Discussions include the extremists' view of the world and the West in particular, and why their ideology has such a strong, motivating, and destructive hold on the terrorist.

A detailed background of the extremists' radicalization process and its warning signs are discussed in-depth, including a first-hand look at the actual path towards extremism.

The motivations, mindsets, and methodologies of suicide bombers and the phenomenon of suicide operations are included in the course.

The course examines the successful and unsuccessful counterterrorism tactics to identify, penetrate, and disrupt terrorism. Legal, organizational, and ethical aspects of counterterrorism are integral discussion topics in this robust CT course.

This course will increase the number of personnel who have a broad and current understanding of the development of America's counterterrorism discipline.

Through rich examples, this course demonstrates the imperative that counterintelligence must be integrated into counterterrorism efforts to protect and defend our citizens and our national security.

This powerful course is taught by the nation's leading experts on this topic. No other course is more important and needed during this time of ever present terrorist threats, both here in our homeland and overseas.

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