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512: Counterintelligence Asset Validation Course

512: Counterintelligence Asset Validation Course

LENGTH: 3 or 5 days

Reliable, timely, and meaningful human intelligence (also know as human assets/ sources/ informants) are a key element of the national security of the United States.

Continued validation of these human assets is critical to the successful conduct of our national counterintelligence programs essential to protection of our national defense.

This course provides unique procedures, techniques, and critical thought processes to accomplish this task.

The course covers planning for operational testing, conducting and evaluating operational testing, and general validation concepts.

The course provides insights into the psychology of deception through verbal, non-verbal and written communication, and the polygraph, with emphasis throughout on culture differences.

Expert legal opinions and case examples are provided regarding asset validation.

The course explores double agent methodology by examining the theory of double agentry, which is enhanced by a practical exercise utilizing a student voting computer based program that forces the students to make independent decisions in a group environment.

This facilitates independent thought, analysis, and explanation of decision making by the students.

The students are exposed to two conflicting analyses of a major US human source whose bona fides were questioned and the impact such decisions can have on national policy.

This culminates in a detailed case study of the operation in which the students draw conclusions on the validity of the intelligence produced via this operation.

This course provides essential practical knowledge and exploitable information for all individuals conducting, supporting, or consuming foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, counter narcotic, counterterrorist operations or information.

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Read what attendees say about this course:

Evaluation of the Subject Matter Covered

"Subject matter was outstanding.” (7 yrs service)

"Visiting speakers did an excellent job and provided great examples of asset validation.” (12 yrs)

"This was a great course. I will recommend attendance at the CI Centre to other agents. The personnel briefing each class were extremely informative and knew the material through firsthand experience. I enjoyed this class tremendously.” (5 yrs)

"Materials were good as the briefers conducted thorough research and investigation of their topics.” (3.5 yrs)

"Very thorough.” (7 yrs)

"Great course. The days of instruction clearly showed the value of asset validation.” (7 yrs)

"Love this information and content, I eat stuff like this up.” (10 yrs)

"Very detailed, informative SMEs.” (12 yrs)

"Excellent.” (12 yrs)

"Great course.” (21 yrs)

"Very relevant subject matter.” (13 yrs)

"Robust and the unclassified level. Really appreciated the level of experience by all of the lecturers.” (5 yrs)


Evaluation of the Presentation Methodology

"Very good presentation methodology, professionally prepared.” (7 yrs)

"I can only compare this training to CI training received at JCITA in the Long Course. I do not enjoy attending JCITA training and go there only when I have to. I look forward to attending CI Centre classes because the instructors present the material in a professional way that aids learning.” (5 yrs)

"The presenters were knowledgeable and diverse in their background and selection of materials.” (3.5 yrs)

"Clear and concise.” (7 yrs)

"The format of the course was fine. I liked the "war stories" as they really drove home why asset validation is a must in our line of work.” (7 yrs)

"Case study presentations were well-presented, and held my interest. I enjoyed hearing the stories and how they relate to our current posturing.” (10 yrs)

"Very good, guest speakers/SMEs with specific detailed case studies.” (12 yrs)

"High quality, especially the audio-video aspects.” (4 yrs)

"Excellent, with more breaks.” (12 yrs)

"Great presentation of material.” (13 yrs)

"Case study methodology was excellent. The Thursday presentation on the Penkovsky case really forced me to think about the variety of factors that affect asset validation.” (5 yrs)


Impact the Training has had upon Your Thinking about Counterintelligence

"The CI Centre provides agents with much needed critical thinking skills.” (7 yrs)

"This training will help in future deployments and with my daily job as a CI Agent.” (5 yrs)

"The training provided insight into the validation process and the importance of continual vetting of an asset.” (3 yrs)

"Broader perspective of how pervasive the CI threat was and still is.” (7 yrs)

"Working with the JTTF, I can see how this material can be immediately implemented into my work.” (7 yrs)

"It is more important than ever, and we need to be diligent.” (10 yrs)

"Deep impact on asset validation to protect the service and myself.” (12 yrs)

"I've heard of the asset validation process before. I thought this class gave me a more in depth knowledge and will make me continue to think outside the box.” (3 yrs)

"Great material. I plan to use it in casework.” (13 yrs)

"Definite impact on how I look at every source/asset. Reinforced my critical thinking skills and provided additional tools to assess the bona fides of assets.” (5 yrs)

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