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515: Investigative Interviewing Techniques--Basic to Advanced

515: Investigative Interviewing Techniques--Basic to Advanced

LENGTH: 5 days

How to professionally obtain information during interviews.

In this interactive workshop, participants learn strategies to successfully interview both cooperative and uncooperative individuals to gain maximum information.

Interviewing techniques have evolved into professional interactions that draw heavily upon psychological principles for overcoming resistance.

The course focuses on six areas:

  1. Self-assessment of behavioral skills

  2. Rapport-building skills

  3. Questioning techniques

  4. Stress and Deception

  5. Statement Analysis

  6. Strategies for overcoming resistance

Participants try out new techniques through a variety of practical exercises.

Because successful interviews typically result from carefully planned interview strategies, each participant will receive an interview plan outline to be personalized for the suspects they interview.

This course is ideal for federal and state inspectors, investigators, auditors, regulators and evaluators who talk to people in the field to ensure compliance with regulations.

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Read what attendees say about this course:


What did you learn in this course that will help you in your career and profession?

  • "Interviewing RQs, matching, paralanguage, elicitation techniques; becoming aware of what you see, hear and understand."

  • "Good techniques for interviewing."

  • "Technique for interviewing. State analysis."

  • "Different people have different preferences for communication and to effectively get information from them, you may need to communicate in their preferred style."

  • "How to build rapport."

  • "Interviewing methodology & RPM methodology."

  • "Refined questioning techniques."

  • "Perspectives: obtaining more and accurate interview information."

  • "Subtleties in interviewing techniques."

  • "How to actively listen and match. I already read the non-verbals pretty well and analyze statements."

  • "This will help me in the interview process and help me read the body language."

  • "Interview and elicitation techniques will be very helpful."

  • "Elicitation, matching, detecting deception."

  • "Interviewing techniques. Reading the interviewee, detecting deception."

  • "To hone aspects and techniques I wasn't aware of before this course."

  • "Elicitation, matching, statement analysis, detecting techniques."

  • "I learned the techniques of DISC behavioral styles on how to interpret by using indicating questions, statement analysis and using the DISC behavioral styles. Better rapport usage."

  • "The finesse and art we should use on the subject."

  • "To be more self aware, watch other for changes from their norm."

  • "This course will help me to be a better interviewer."

  • "It will help me to conduct interview more effectively."

What will you do differently as a result of this knowledge?

  • "Be aware of eye movement in relation to answering a question, applied to topic situations."

  • "Have better follow up questions and be able to notice the avoidance answers."

  • "Prepare for interviewing subjects differently."

  • "Do more research on the person I am interviewing and the subject. Use RPM when in a confrontational interview."

  • "Be more aware of my personal style and the person I want to communicate with preferred communication style."

  • "Use training techniques to overcome resistance."

  • "Handle ‘show stopper' questions more smoothly."

  • "Improved ability to obtain the truth."

  • "Structure interview questions to gather more information. Remember to avoid questions styles that are not as successful as the approaches we learned in this course."

  • "Listen."

  • "More subtle approaches. Matching, build more rapport."

  • "I already use naiveté, flattery and quid pro quo. I need to match and more actively listen."

  • "Be better prepared when going into a controversial situation."

  • "Be better prepared and more comfortable with interview process."

  • "Make sure to analyze statements better to determine if additional or follow up interviews will be needed."

  • "I hope to be more thorough with my investigations."

  • "I will pay more attention to the subtle visual cues that are projected."

  • "Will apply techniques in all interviewing activities."

  • "Apply all the knowledge from the course to enhance my investigative interviewing techniques."

  • "Be more prepared prior to taking an interview."

  • "Statement analysis."

  • "Apply techniques learned."

  • "Prepare for interviews better."

  • "I will observe subjects more closely and be more aware of what their body language may be saying."

Overall Comments about the Course:

  • "Fantastic. I have been involved in interviewing for the past 21 years, been to numerous training sessions and this is the best by far of any training received." (33 yrs)

  • "I feel much better prepared after this weeks' training than any other training." (33 yrs)

  • "The best training/class I have ever had in my entire professional career. Real fantastic, hands on training." (10 yrs)

  • "Fantastic. Recommend this course be offered and utilized by all investigators." (33 yrs)

  • "I was impressed by: The visual toolbox is really good common thread throughout the course; the class exercises that have the whole class interacting together; the personal sharing of the instructor's experiences (very gutsy, especially about Pitts—thank you!); I really enjoyed your enthusiasm!" (31 yrs)

  • "Instructor was very knowledgeable, smooth presenter and hated to see the course end. A must for ALL investigators." (31 yrs)

  • "It's like my eyes have been opened." (14 yrs)

  • "What I learned I will use in my job and my life." (22 yrs)

  • "This has been a very positive experience and I will use what I learned immediately. It was very evident that Sue Adams loves her job. It was portrayed in a very positive and enjoyable manner!" (34 yrs)

  • "This course is very good. I will be talking about it for months. In addition, there are a lot of interviewing techniques I will implement in my daily activities. I have learned a lot about myself, areas that need improvement and those that are strong. Dr. Adams is great--she teaches above and beyond what could be expected." (14 yrs)

Evaluation of the Subject Matter:

  • "Excellent course. I could not have asked for a better training. This course material will improve my duties as an investigator." (7 yrs)

  • "The subject matter covered increased my knowledge of interview techniques and a higher awareness of physiological changes during deceptive behavior." (22 yrs)

  • "Subject matter was interesting. It is also something I can use effectively in my current duties as an investigator." (22 yrs)

  • "Perfect for the jobs we do." (26 yrs)

  • "Very good material. Especially made me focus on verbal and non-verbal communication. This will be very helpful for my future as an investigator." (9 yrs)

  • "Excellent, will help me do my job better." (12 yrs)

  • "The subject matter covered was excellent and thorough. " (5 yrs)

  • "Excellent." (20 yrs)

  • "All matter pertinent to our position as interviewers were covered well." (34 yrs)

  • "The subject matter was excellent. It laid the foundation for conducting interviews and then each day the material provided tools too which built upon that foundation. The topic was very relevant to conducting interviews." (22 yrs)

  • "Excellent. Many techniques were refreshed to me and I learned many others which I will use." (33 yrs)

  • "The best course I have ever had the opportunity to receive." (31 yrs)

  • "In the one week we had, I feel we learned so much. Learning was fun and Sue brings great knowledge and self experiences to class." (14 yrs)

  • "The materials I have learned this week I will use for a long time, even with my kids." (26 yrs)

  • "Overall, great! Lots of information. Enjoy the subject. I now have a better understanding of myself." (4 yrs)

  • "I think this course is EXCELLENT! Don't change a thing! Everything was well planned and presented." (30 yrs)

  • "Excellent material, very relevant to my occupation and to life in general. Will help me raise my 3 year old daughter and keep her safe from suspicious boyfriends and people." (10 yrs)

Evaluation of the Presentation Methodology:

  • "The presentation was very well prepared and the instructor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The hands on exercises increased comprehension of the tools provided and will help in future application by the participants." (22 yrs)

  • "Presentation methodology covered was provided in a way that we could use in day-to-day operations of our jobs." (5 yrs)

  • "The presentation was excellent. Sue was the best instructor I have ever had throughout my government training." (21 yrs)

  • "Super, fantastic. Susan Adams is an extraordinary instructor. I was kept alert and in focus from 8 AM Monday to 4 PM Friday." (10 yrs)

  • "Enthusiastic instructor! Good examples, good group mixes. Nice mix of handouts and video clips." (31 yrs)

  • "The presentation was given in great detail, which made the methodology easily retained." (7 yrs)

  • "Presentation methodology was effective and well designed." (22 yrs)

  • "Outstanding job by Sue Adams. Very informative and entertaining." (12 yrs)

  • "Course was presented in a manner that was easy to understand. Use of video and verbal presentations was both easily understood and clear." (22 yrs)

  • "Excellent. I liked very much the numerous exercises and the last interview session." (33 yrs)

  • "Best presentation in the almost 26 years of government service." (26 yrs)

  • "Very interesting, very professional. The instructor was very professional, talk oriented and well prepared." (12 yrs)

  • "Very effective. I tend to wander when bored, I never wandered once." (31 yrs)

  • "Sue is the best instructor I've had. You can tell she enjoys what she does." (26 yrs)

  • "Methodology was presented in a very understandable way. Easy to follow and very helpful." (9 yrs)

  • "Great, learned a great deal of details on conducting interviews." (22 yrs)

  • "Organized, straight forward, easy to understand. Examples helped a lot." (4 yrs)

  • "The presentations were great. The interaction was very beneficial." (34 yrs)

  • "Sue did a great job! I can't wait to take a class from her again. She kept us upbeat and interested the entire week." (5 yrs)

Evaluation of Course Materials Discussed/Provided:

  • "The course material was excellent, very well organized and very relevant. The participants have a lot of tools, knowledge and physical documents; they will be able to apply in their job." (22 yrs)

  • "Course materials were interesting. Material was also pertinent to job use. Materials were explained clearly so uses of the material in the duties of the job were clear. New techniques for interviewing were taught so I can effectively use them in an interview." (22 yrs)

  • "The materials were good at illustrating the ideas or techniques discussed." (31 yrs)

  • "Materials discussed were are excellent and provided the information as instructed." (7 yrs)

  • "The materials provided were appropriate and were excellent aids aimed at helping us fully understand the subject matter. Dr. Adams use of ‘tools' as an instructional aid was just plain cool. I will recommend this course for sure!" (12 yrs)

  • "Excellent." (33 yrs)

  • "To the point, very good." (26 yrs)

  • "Very helpful. I will use some of them in my daily duties." (12 yrs)

  • "Very effective, instructor was able to make to materials related to our profession." (31 yrs)

  • "Really enjoyed the different cases that were presented. Enjoyed the material that was presented to us. I could apply this material when watching the videos that were shown." (9 yrs)

  • "Great. Subject matter was very well illustrated." (33 yrs)

What did you like best about this course and why?

  • "Dr. Adams. She really cared about what she taught her students and wore a smile that never ended, which made me feel she cared about my understanding of the applied learning."

  • "The instructor—she is very good at what she does and you can tell she enjoys teaching."

  • "The whole course was presented excellently!"

  • "The instructor did an excellent job interacting with all the different personal skills."

  • "Interaction with class."

  • "Video interviews of targets followed by analysis of verbal and non-verbal cues."

  • "Video of actual interviews along with expert analysis by Dr. Adams."

  • "The instructor's method, experience and the course itself. The instructor, Susan Adams, has shared techniques that have proved successful in her career and experience."

  • "Presentation topics: varied from previous courses. Ms. Adams went to great efforts to makes this course interesting and applicable."

  • "The intertwining of videos showing actual interviews on camera."

  • "Confirmed that there is more than one way to get statements and investigate. As long as you get the information, what difference does it make what tool you used?"

  • "The pace of the course was great and the content was very beneficial."

  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable of subject matter. Course material was very interesting."

  • "Everything."

  • "The instructor's ability to relate to the students."

  • "The instructor kept it interesting. The pace was steady and there was enough variety to keep me attentive."

  • "Everything was good."

  • "Application of subject matter to practice scenarios. Watching tapes of interviewees and interviewers interacting."

  • "All the video clips."

  • "More elicitation techniques, looking more clearly at statements."

  • "Instructor subject matter, classroom interactions."

  • "The presenter was very exciting and well informed."

  • "I liked the way the class was presented. Ms. Adams is a true professional."

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