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518: Espionage Investigations and Interviewing Techniques

518: Espionage Investigations and Interviewing Techniques

LENGTH: 5 days

This course provides an introduction to the complexities of and the decision making processes associated with investigating and prosecuting espionage cases in the United States in the 21st Century.

The course provides psychological insights into espionage which influence investigative techniques and interviewing skills.

Discussions include various interviewing tools: A self assessment of the special agent's behavioral skills; interpersonal communication; interviewing techniques and detection of deception; and interviewing uncooperative subjects.

Attendees will practice these tools and techniques during practical exercises.

This course provides US national security community espionage investigators a deeper understanding of the status of counterespionage today and of their individual roles in the protection of our nation's most vital secrets, plans, and programs.


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Read what attendees say about this course:


Overall Comments:

  • "Anyone who is an investigator, or want to be, this should be required coursework for everyone!"
  • "The instructors at the CIC prove that this field can be taught at a higher level. Their examples and experience is real, relevant and inspiring. It was a like asking Larry Bird or Bob Petit about basketball…their responses aren't derived from what they think, but rather from what they've accomplished."
  • "Being brand new to CI investigation, this course helped me link all of the CRIM skills and experience I already have and see how, with a little bit of tweaking, I can apply my skills and experience to this new environment and be successful/effective from day one."
  • "This course was a refreshing change from every other training course I've ever attended. The instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, battle—tested, entertaining and passionate about their topics. True professionals in every sense of the word. They take it seriously and teach from the heart and it shows in their enthusiasm."
  • "Everyone in the CI community, CT and national security in general should be required to listen to this presentation. Incredible!"
  • "Dr. Adams was outstanding! She kept my attention the entire time. I listened to everything she said and will use it in my job. Best interview training I've been to. Was great at connecting material to real interviews and fast pattern. I will remember what she taught."
  • "Great Job! The course (legal aspect) gave me a wealth of knowledge into the legal prosecution, and how to approach and treat an espionage case."
  • "Invaluable insight provided during the course. The opportunity to hear from the DOJ perspective will greatly enhance my knowledge of this subject matter."
  • "The information provided was completely new to me.
  • "Great job obtaining/recruiting a former Jihadist. The knowledge he offered and his book were valuable."
  • "Sue clearly has an extremely strong group of subject material. She is passionate about interviewing and does a great job of teaching other the wealth of knowledge she has."

What did you learn in this course that will help you in your career and profession?

  • "Interview techniques and psychology and basically I don't have enough room in this area or the whole page to convey how helpful this class has been to enable a career, profession, or individual."

  • "CI investigative techniques and relevant legal issues."

  • "I learned something from all the instructors and sections of this course. It was great to have a class that was geared toward OSP."

  • "Multiple tools for interviewing, increased understanding of legal issues, better insight into CI/CE history."

  • "It has given me a new baseline to work from in my career."

  • "Several flaws in my interviewing style. Helped to re-learn things I had forgotten."

  • "Everything! #1—Always consult with your lawyer! #2—Interviewing: how to assess personalities."

  • "Nuances of CI/espionage investigations."

  • "I am new to the CI field, so all of the information will be helpful."

  • "Questioning tactics."

  • "Building rapport, elements of espionage."

  • "Some traits of extreme Islamists, process of espionage prosecution."

  • "Identifying behaviors and guiding interviews or subjects."

  • "Good overview of interview practices and techniques."

  • "Skills that will help me focus deeper into the verbal and non-verbal. Also cultural knowledge."

  • "Strengths and weaknesses."

  • "A refresher and refiner of current interviewing skills. Espionage Federal laws."

  • "Analysis of criminal elements, investigative techniques, and interrogation structure."

  • "Lessons learned from espionage investigations."

  • "Counterintelligence interviews."

  • "The interviewing and legal portions of the course were of most benefit to me."

  • "The factor that espionage cases are dissimilar from the normal criminal investigations."

  • "Interviewing, legal issues, and Jihadist information."

  • "The dynamics of interviews."

What will you do differently as a result of this knowledge?

  • "I will be more proactive in establishing training for my section and myself in order to be a more effective interviewer. The investigative tools and the legal aspects will identify who I have to contact so that our support is more aware of our investigative authority rather than just our restrictions."

  • "Use the DISC and ARC approaches."

  • "Hopefully be a better overall investigator."

  • "Approach interviews differently and hopefully be more effective."

  • "Actually be able to accomplish the CI mission."

  • "Work on detection of deception."

  • "More tandem interviews."

  • "I will approach my interviews differently now that I can tell when to push. I will work more closely with my Magistrate."

  • "I will use these new skills and knowledge to enhance my communication and analysis skills as well as my interviewing techniques, i.e. rapport building, matching, etc."

  • "I'll take this back to the office for training. Also recommend for professional development."

  • "Alter my investigative and interview approaches to CI/espionage investigations."

  • "Use different tools interviews, read for self-knowledge."

  • "I will be better prepared for my first espionage interview."

  • "Take others perspective into consideration."

  • "Be more efficient in my new assignment."

  • "I can apply this to the background investigation process to attempt to identify issues from that part of the process."

  • "I will be more thorough in my investigations, cognizant during my interviews and more studious in my research of the enemy."

  • "Look at the big picture with more knowledge and insight. 'What are they telling/not telling me?"

  • "Yes, this course has changed my focus."

  • "Be able to more effectively investigate National Cases in a much more efficient role."

  • "Focus on elements of the crime."

  • "Learn from the mistake of others and apply that knowledge to my investigations."

  • "Continue to develop my interviewing skills."

  • "I will change and sharpen my interviewing skills."

  • "My approach to interviews and interrogation."

  • "My interview style will change as a result of this course."

  • "More effectively support/participate in interviews/statement analysis."

What did you like best about this course and why?

  • "I learned something new, not just every day, but almost every hour I was in this class."

  • "Everything, particularly case study discussions and statement analysis."

  • "Everything. Well taught and I learned an enormous amount throughout the week."

  • "Excellent seminar!! Dr. Adams gave really practical tips and advice on how to conduct interviews. All of it was invaluable and I am grateful I was able to attend this class at the beginning of my career. It's an excellent foundation. The behavior/personality was also a great aspect of the class because I gained insight with people that are in a different category. Role playing the interviews was also very interesting and was a great tool to see what my strengths and weaknesses are."

  • "Mr. Major is an excellent presenter! By far the best course I've attended in government service."

  • "The practical exercises and the different agencies."

  • "Great refresher, something new all the time, interviewing portion was excellent."

  • "Interview training. The training took an art form and provided a scientific approach."

  • "The case studies—because it's important to learn from past mistakes."

  • "An understanding of CI from people that know so much I don't think you can find that anywhere else."

  • "The instructors because of the depth and wealth of knowledge shared."

  • "All of the instructors were excellent and there was a lot of interaction with the students."

  • "One thing that I truly appreciate on your website is the 'Recommended Reading'. This has been very helpful when determining what to read and knowing that it was accurate."

  • "New perspectives on familiar topics. The staff/facility—ultimate professionals. Thank you!"

  • "DSIC, interviews, background/exposure to different cases."

  • "Practical ways to conduct interviews and we got to see real life examples of people being interviewed and confessing. I will definitely be more alert to look for the signs of deception and guilt now that I know how to recognize them."

  • "The knowledge and expertise of the teaching staff is superior!"

  • "This course was a refreshing change from every other training course I've ever attended. The instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, battle—tested, entertaining and passionate about their topics. True professionals in every sense of the word. They take it seriously and teach from the heart and it shows in their enthusiasm."

  • "The experience that the staff shares with the students. Thank you!"

  • "It was directed to daily issues."

  • "Knowledgeable, experience instructors who explained every topic, thoroughly and completely."

  • "Interviewing training, specifically statement analysis."

  • "Very knowledgeable Instructors that combine real world experience with text book principles."

  • "DISC methodology and interviewing instruction and activities."

  • "The challenge from direct to ad hoc interviews."

  • "The legal section. The interaction and case examples were highly productive, especially considering the legal and investigative experiences of the instructors."

  • "Interviewing was excellent."

  • "The interviews and case reviews = exposure to real life CI investigations and successful prosecutions."

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