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562: Counterterrorism Asset Validation Course

562: Counterterrorism Asset Validation

LENGTH: 5 days

A core mission of every intelligence service is recruiting and handling assets who provide varied types of access to or penetration of our targets.

The Asset Validation process is designed to help gauge the intentions and veracity of assets and the authenticity of information received from them.

A key to understanding and implementing asset validation is to recognize that it involves a tool box full of different tools, and not all tools are suitable for use in any particular case or operation.

Another critical thing to remember is that no one item, absent an admission by the asset, proves or disproves that an asset is bad. In fact, too often asset validation is assumed to be a process for identifying double agents.

While it will help with that task, it really is a process that allows special agents to make the statement that at any particular point in time a case or operation should or should not be continued.

It is a continuous process; asset validation should be programmed into every encounter with the asset.

The third thing to remember is that no two cases are ever alike no matter how much they appear to be.

This is because we're dealing with human beings as opposed to networks, circuitry, cameras, or other types of electronic devices which are predictable over time.

Continued validation of our assets is critical to the successful protection of our national defense.

This course provides unique procedures, techniques, and critical thought processes to accomplish this task.

The course will cover planning for operational testing, conducting and evaluating operational testing, and general validation concepts.

The course provides insights into the psychology of deception through verbal, non-verbal and written communication, and the polygraph, with emphasis throughout on culture differences.

Expert legal opinions and case examples will be provided regarding asset validation.

We delve into double agent methodology by examining the theory of double agentry, which is enhanced by a practical exercise utilizing a student voting computer program (Turning Point) that forces the students to make independent decisions in a group environment.

This facilitates independent thought, analysis, and explanation of decision making by the students.

A unique empirical model to establish assets' bona fides is introduced and calibrated for the students that will allow them to use this process in real life operations.

The students are exposed to two conflicting analyses of a major US human source whose bona fides were questioned and the impact such decisions can have on national policy.

This culminates in a detailed case study of the operation in which the students draw conclusions on the validity of the intelligence produced via this operation.

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