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About the CI CENTRE

CI CentreThe Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies® (CI CENTRE) is the nation's leading counterintelligence training, education and knowledge company.

We provide over 50 commercial, off-the-shelf training courses and briefings for government and corporate clients on:


Our training is designed to enhance your organization’s mission and to protect your information, facilities and personnel from foreign intelligence collectors, global terrorists and competitor threats.


We have trained over 75,000 Intelligence Community, Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Government and Corporate employees over the past 14 years and they have consistently given the courses the highest ratings and feedback.


CI CENTRE has a world-class team of experts providing the training and attendees have the unique advantage of learning from these highly-experienced field-tested veterans. They are counterintelligence, security, intelligence and counterterrorism professionals who served in the FBI, CIA, Defense Department, Military Intelligence, State Department, and Justice Department. There are also Middle East experts and authors as well as intelligence authors and historians.


Our membership site, SPYPEDIA®, is an open source database that provides a rich source of counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and security-related information for counterintelligence and security professionals. A former chief of counterintelligence for a government agency called our website a "national asset." To become a member and be a part of our community, see the Membership Features or Register for the site now.


Our passion for counterintelligence begins with the founder of the company, David G. Major. Major is a retired senior FBI Supervisory Special Agent whose career in the Bureau was specialized in counterintelligence work. He was the first FBI agent to be appointed to the National Security Council, advising the President of the United States on counterintelligence policy and issues.

Major spent his government career dedicated to counterintelligence and is considered one of the nation's leading experts on CI. Students quickly pick up on his passion for the counterintelligence discipline and soon catch his enthusiasm for the subject. He has trained generations government and corporate employees who in turn use the knowledge they received to protect their organizations and our country against threats.


The CI CENTRE, and its parent company David G. Major Associates, Inc. (DGMA), is a veteran-owned small business founded in 1997. Our training courses are on the GSA Schedule.


For more information or to discuss sponsoring a course for your organization, please contact us at 703-642-7450 or use the Contact form.



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