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Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Course & Briefing Information

CI Centre's Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) training courses taught by our expert instructors offer significant savings in procurement and maintenance to federal/state/local government and corporate organizations and offer easy and efficient ordering.

  • Our COTS training courses have already been fully designed and developed.
    • Your organization does not pay for the design and development costs because these are COTS courses.
  • Our instructors are ready to deliver them to your organization—right now.
    • You don't use your own time, personnel and resources.
  • Our COTS courses are proven, successful entities, many of which have been delivered since 1996.
    • You are purchasing a vetted course whose feedback from attendees has been consistently positive.
  • The information in COTS courses are kept up-to-date by the CI Centre.
    • Your organization is not charged this maintenance. 
  • With set prices for the COTS courses, ordering is quick, easy and efficient.
    • No need to write or issue Statements of Work, Request for Proposals or Bids, or conduct surveys
      • GSA has already negotiated the best price for the US Government.
    • GSA Contract Number: GS-02F-0210R.
      • Schedule 874 Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) under name of parent company David G. Major Associates, Inc.
    • Government credit cards are accepted as a form of payment for all purchases.
    • We have the ability to meet your end-of-year money training requests.

With COTS courses ready-to-go, your organization can fulfill your training requirements right now.

For modified, tailored and customized courses (content, length) and training solutions, please give us a call.

To schedule one or more courses for your organization, use our Contact Form or call us at 1-800-779-4007 or 703-642-7450. Ask about classroom size rates of 30 students maximum; auditorium rates of 500 maximum; per student rates of 12 person minimum.

NOTE: Training cannot be provided without your Contracting Officer's official approval and signature on our training contract agreement. No other person/official, however senior, may approve of the funds released for the training except the Contracting Officer. (Note: the Contracting Officer is different from the COTR)


Length COTS Course Number and Title
1 day 100 Anatomy of Espionage
1 day 101 Elicitation Techniques and the Recruitment Process from the Intelligence and Counterintelligence Perspective
1 day 103 Corporate Allegiance of the Global Employee
1 day 105 The John Walker Case: Implications and Lessons Learned for Today's Challenges
1 day 113 Technological Espionage Wars
1 day 125 The SIGINT/Information Assurance Spies
1 day 150 Current Counterespionage Cases
1 day 159 An Introduction to Cuban Intelligence and Counterintelligence Methodologies
1 day 163 Dying to Kill Us: Understanding the Mindset of Suicide Operations
1 day 170 Economic Espionage and Theft of Technology
1 day 191 Russia's SVR/FSB/GRU Intelligence: An Introduction to Today's Russian Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operations and Methodologies
1 day 268 Terrorism Threats in Africa
2 days 202 Vulnerabilities of an Intelligence Professional
2 days 208 The Robert Hanssen Case and SpyDrive®
2 days 250 The Secret History of History: The Impact of Intelligence and Counterintelligence on World Events
2 days 291 Elicitation and Counter-Elicitation
2 days 203 Vulnerabilities of Global Travel: Personnel & Information Protection
3 days 207 An Introduction to the People's Republic of China's (PRC) Intelligence and Counterintelligence Methodologies
3 days 220 An Introduction to Israeli Intelligence and Counterintelligence Methodologies
3 days 362 Informant Development for Law Enforcement to Fight Terrorism
5 days 205 National Security Policy and Counterintelligence Implications of Denial and Deception Practices
5 days 501 An Overview of Critical Counterintelligence Issues - Flagship Counterintelligence Course
5 days 502 Double Agentry: Offensive Counterintelligence Operations
5 days 503 Counterespionage Today: Complexities and Decisions
5 days 505 An Overview of Critical Counterterrorism Issues - Flagship Counterterrorism Course
5 days 512 Counterintelligence Asset Validation
5 days 515 Investigative Interviewing Techniques: Basic to Advanced
5 days 516 Statement Analysis: What Do Suspects' Words Really Reveal?
5 days 518 Espionage Investigations and Interviewing Techniques
5 days 560 Middle Eastern Intelligence Services and Terrorist Organizations
5 days 562 Counterterrorism Asset Validation




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