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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the CI CENTRE?

The CI CENTRE is a training company called The Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies (CI CENTRE) which has been in existence since 1997. The CI CENTRE is a private business owned by David G. Major Associates, Inc. (DGMA), a veteran-owned, small business on the GSA Schedule (GS-02F-0210R).

Who is David Major?

David Major is a retired senior FBI official who worked on the counterintelligence/national security side of the Bureau his entire career. He was assigned to various field offices, worked on dozens of espionage cases and was well-known throughout the Intelligence Community for his dynamic lectures, training and briefings on counterintelligence issues. Major was the first FBI official appointed to the National Security Council at the White House as the Director of Intelligence and Counterintelligence Programs and saw the CI discipline at the strategic/policy level. After retiring from the government, he developed and taught counterintelligence courses and is considered one of the nation's leading counterintelligence experts.

Who else is in the company?

The CI CENTRE has a diverse group of part-time instructors who each have 25-40+ years of real-world experience and expert knowledge in the counterintelligence, counterterrorism, investigations and security fields. They are intelligence and military veterans, authors, speakers, historians and experts.

What does the CI CENTRE offer?

The CI CENTRE has over 50 training courses and briefings on the subjects of counterintelligence, security awareness, interviewing/investigations, foreign intelligence services/area studies and counterterrorism. These courses are only run when an organization buys a course for their employees. We do not offer open enrollment. See course listings or Contact Us to schedule a course. Also be sure to read what the kind of feedback we receive from those who attend our courses. Most of our courses are on the GSA Schedule.

The CI CENTRE also has a new membership website where members can access our rich database of counterintelligence information. We call this our continually updated "living encyclopedia" of counterintelligence knowledge with news, cases, videos, podcast, calendars, quotes, history and more. More information

Who can join SPYPEDIA™?

The website is for professionals in the counterintelligence (CI), security and counterterrorism (CT) disciplines, educators, authors, researchers, academia, students and all who hold an interest in CI and CT.   


How much does it cost to join SPYPEDIA™?

The special introductory rate is $365 for an individual for one year. Becoming a member of this website is a professional development investment which will help and enhance your job duties as a government employee or contractor. The site willbe a definite asset to your work and you will learn more about the counterintelligence/security discipline without having to take time off for training.

Can I buy just one individual membership and give my userid and password to others in my office?

No. Under the Terms & Conditions you agree to in order to become a member, you may not provide your unique userid and password to any other person for them to gain access to the site. Doing so will result in the suspension/termination of your account without refund.

Can I register a number of people as a Group?

Yes, this can be acheived through setting up a Business-Master account upon registering.

What types of payment do you accept?

Credit cards only: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Can I register for SPYPEDIA™ by phone or mail?

All registrations can be done online. However, if you experience any difficulties while attempting to register online, please contact us or call 703-642-7450 and we'll address the situation accordingly.

Can I use the information on SPYPEDIA™ in my job?

Yes! The information is designed for you to use the information in your work, your analytical papers, your briefings, etc. However, you cannot copy large portions of the website and place it on your own organization's website.

What is the classification level of the information on SPYPEDIA™?

All information is at the UNCLASSIFIED level from open sources. No classified information is allowed on SPYPEDIA™.

Do I have to use the professional networking features on SPYPEDIA™?


Who can see my profile?

Non-members do not have access to anyone's profile on SPYPEDIA™. You set the parameters of what you want members to see.

Will I be anonymous on SPYPEDIA™?

No. Anytime you engage in the communication features or professional networking features, you will be shown as "John Doe, ABCD Organization". This is for transparency and accountability, ensuring that members stand by the content and communication brought to the website.

Are members are who they say they are?

As with ALL professional and social networks, there is no way to absolutely vet the person is who they portray themselves to be. As counterintelligence and security professionals, use your judgement and common sense as well as follow your organization's regulations.

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