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SPYPEDIA, the CI Centre's new, robust counterintelligence and security database, is an excellent resource of cases, latest news, podcasts, videos, CI calendar events, quotes, reports, and more. SPYPEDIA has been in research and preparation for 15 years.

Our continually updated, rich, open source database provides exclusive access for professionals in the counterintelligence, security, and counterterrorism disciplines; educators; authors; researchers; academia; students; and all who hold an interest in CI and CT.

As a member of SPYPEDIA you can quickly access facts, data, documents, news, dates, quotes, photos, and more -- all in one convenient place.

SPYPEDIA members will have unlimited access to:

  • Search current and archival news links that will allow you to stay on top of CI, CT, and security trends 
  • Quickly get facts on case studies of spy cases, economic espionage, security, leaks, illegal exports to high-threat countries, foreign intel officers, domestic terrorists
  • Read articles from the leading authorities on counterintelligence, terrorism, and security issues
  • Download critical information that can be used in your organization's security awareness briefings
  • Watch hours of video documenting CI and security lessons, vital issues, key facts, and important cases
  • Refresh your knowledge of CI history after reading through congressional hearings on espionage related activities, government reports, source documents, and spy trials
  • Listen to CI and CT experts review current movies, books, and television shows
  • SPYPEDIA provides a one-stop-shoppingplace where you can quickly and easily get case facts, news synopses and other reference and resource materials--all in one place. 

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Watch this video for a complete overview of the wealth of information on SPYPEDIA.


Take a tour inside the SPYPEDIA database and discover the depth of knowledge contained within.


CI, Security & CT News Briefing

  • Daily updates of the latest counterintelligence news from all over the world
    • Includes news on CI, spies, espionage, cyber CI, homegrown terrorist threat, security and more
  • A comprehensive and searchable archive of all the news excerpts we've collected:
    • Counterintelligence news excerpts archive since February 2000
    • Counterterrorism news excerpts archive since January 2001
  • "Behind the Story" segments on trending news topics from around the globe


  • SPYPEDIA monitors both domestic and international espionage cases and domestic terrorism cases. When a spy/terrorist is arrested or a new case appears in the media, the CI CENTRE immediately creates a page on the new case with available, applicable open source information and documents.
  • Each case page includes the following open source information about the subject of the case:
    • Name and also known as names
    • Photo
      • Employer
      • Dates of Employment
      • Employee Type
      • Job Title and Duties
      • Military Rank
      • Clearance Level
    • SPYING INFO (for espionage cases)
      • Spying For
      • Codename
      • Spying Dates
      • Co-conspirators
      • Methodology, operations
      • Possible motivations and problems
      • Finances
    • TERRORIST INFO (for domestic terrorism cases)
      • Affiliated Terrorist Organization
      • Planned Operation
      • Targets
      • Methodology
      • Timeline
      • Motivations
      • Investigations
      • Arrest Date and Location
      • Charges
      • Court
      • Lawyers
      • Status
      • Date and Place of Birth
      • Citizenship
      • Residences
      • Education
      • Family
      • Other Employment
      • Additional Bio
      • Legal Documents (affidavits, press releases, complaints, search warrants, sentencing memo, reports, etc)
      • Quotes relevant to the case
      • Case Links
      • Books
      • Videos
      • Podcasts
    • NEWS
      • News sources regarding the case
  • We are in the process of working on and continually updating over 1,500 cases on these topics; many cases are filed in more than one applicable area:
    • CI Program Arrests
    • Espionage/Spy Cases
    • Economic Espionage and Targeting of U.S. Technology Cases
    • Security Cases (mishandling classified info)
    • Leak Cases
    • Defector Cases
    • Foreign Intelligence Officer cases
    • American Agents Working for the Soviets 1930s-1950s (VENONA spies)
    • Domestic Terrorists
  • Cases are organized by these categories:
    • Organization
      • CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, NRO, State Dept, DOJ, DOE, USAF, US Army, US Navy, US Marines, DOD Pentagon, US Government Contractors, Private Companies, universities and more
    • Country Connection
      • PRC, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Al-Qaeda, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, Taiwan, Philippines, Israel, South Africa and more
    • Cases intercepted before damage could be done
    • Spy Rings
    • Spy Pairs
    • Married Spies
    • Female Spies
  • This is an exclusive, valuable resource found no where else.
  • We are constantly adding cases and updating cases with new information, news articles written about the case, and much more.
  • SPYPEDIA is the source to go to for the latest information on breaking CI and CT cases.

Counterintelligence Calendar

  • A useful and interesting awareness and learning tool is a calendar of counterintelligence/ counterespionage-related events.
  • Dates range from the 1930s to the present day.
  • Multiple CI events occur on each day of the year. It's a fascinating look at cases and a sobering reminder that spies operate against our country every day.
  • The SPYPEDIA calendar is constantly expanded with new events.
  • This is an indispensible tool to use to convince your audience to focus on counterintelligence every day.

Counterintelligence History

  • We love history. Not only is it fascinating, but it is vital to learn from the past. This section is continually updated and includes material starting from the 1930s.
  • The SPYPEDIA history section contains: 
    • Congressional Hearings on espionage activities
    • Congressional Reports about spies
    • Congressional Testimonies
    • Venona: the greatest counterintelligence source of the 20th century
    • Books
    • Source Documents
    • Articles about counterintelligence history
    • Old videos about espionage
    • Spy Trials

  • Original CI Centre audio podcasts featuring CI Centre instructors, interviews, discussions/panels and commentary are available on these subjects:
    • Spy Cases,
    • Counterintelligence
    • The John Martin Files: Former chief DOJ spy prosecutor discusses the cases he worked
    • Movie, TV and Book Reviews
    • Security
    • Counterterrorism
  • New podcasts are created on a regular basis.
  • These podcasts are only available to members of SPYPEDIA.


  • The CI CENTRE has hours upon hours of video. Short extracts pertaining to CI and security lessons, issues, points, facts, cases and more are included in our video section.
    • On the site now:
      • Over 25 videos on CI & Security Myths
      • 4 videos on Timeless CI Principles

SPYPEDIA Research Library


  • Useful U.S. Government and global reports, studies, and more related to counterintelligence, security and counterterrorism

  • Must-read articles by leading counterintelligence, intelligence, security and terrorism experts, practitioners, and authors.

Course Bibliographies

  • Comprehensive, tailored reading lists broken down by user-friendly categories


  • We've been collecting quotes since 2000 that relate to counterintelligence, espionage, security, counterterrorism and commentary from the news.
  • This is an indispensible resource for your presentations, reports, briefings and more.

A network community of counterintelligence and security professionals
  • SPYPEDIA has a built-in rich professional networking tools, which you can use if you so desire. 
    • Create groups among your colleagues or interests, discuss issues on forums, post blogs, browse or post job openings, upload your resume, connect with other professionals, and much more.

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As SPYPEDIA grows, counterintelligence and security professionals will find the site a necessity for their jobs.

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